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Leiah’s Rune Library on Atlantic

Last visited by Zerver on Nov 14 98

Leiahs rune library had been looted several times. I read many posts of people will to help restock the library. FINALLY the UnNamed Ones decided to aid the Library and now it is not only stocked, but thief proofed and decorated very well indeed. Thanks to Weyland of the Atlantic Mage Tower for informing me of the sponsoring.
If you are a mage on Atlantic and don’t know where this library is located, I suggest you buy a rune or make the walk and mark one. This should be one of the hottest selling runes on the shard.
I made another quick visit to the Rune Library, via the teleporter in the Mage Tower. There was a continuous sream of people into the library. I sat for a time and saw quite a diverse group, including scoundrels, grays, and even a couple of Reds. I was never attacked, and only once did a Newbie try to snoop me.

Last modified: August 18, 2011

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