Historic – Society of Gypsies

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Society of Gypsies

Just south of the dungeon Wrong, at 102o28’N 42o36’E ye will find an ancient stone tower festooned with roses and beautiful things; this is the home of the mysterious Gypsy Queen Syrann and her clan of gypsies.

These good hearted folk often enjoy sparring, hunting, and storytelling with one another. Zandor Xavier said, “we welcome anyone of good intentions”. The gypsies embrace one another as family, a misfortune shared by one is felt by all. Those who come to the gypsies for help are treated with respect and kindness. Often the ghosts of fallen warriors drift down from the Dungeon Wrong and receive resurrection.

Queen Syrann said “We are who we are. Together we are everything…and nothing. A close family who enjoy many things, especially each other’s company. That is our common interest…otherwise we’re very individualistic. There are mischief makers, tricksters/pranksters, warriors, mages, wanderers, craftsmen, treasure seekers, wealth seekers, companions, helpers, teachers, lovers…the list goes on and on. To us, we’re nothing special…we are Gypsies. We follow our own laws, rules, and restrictions. Our loyalties are fierce, as are our grudges. We’re liked and disliked…loved and hated…dependable and care free. We enjoy who we are. Why would that draw the attention of a gadji (non-gypsy)? “I’m proud of who we are and what we stand for.”

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2 Comments to “ Historic – Society of Gypsies”

  1. Where are the gypsies. I was a member of S^G for years. I am Vladimar Sin. Any Gypsies hanging around email me:
    [email protected]

    • Zandor Xavier says:

      Hey Vlad,

      I dont know if you remember me, but I was Zandor Xavier. I havnt played UO, seriously anyway, in many years. If you dont count the short return, it’d be a good 7 or 8. I played WoW with Syrann, Abhor, Delnar, Minax and Mondain, but we all got separated into our own things in there somewhat and I lost contact with them all but Delnar. It didnt help that Delnar and I quit playing that awhile back. I did try to send you an email with the addy you provided here but I didnt get a reply.

      It’s good to see ya around still!



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