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Shard Facet Co-ordinates House Name Build Date Owner
Siege Perilous
Siege Perilous Felucca 91º9N 18º50E The Barn 2001-08-25 Freja
Siege Perilous Felucca 118º23S 35º0E The red Skeleton 1999-09-02 Quira
Siege Perilous Felucca 65º55S 33º57W Elysium Tower 2000-03-27 Maximillion Bold
Siege Perilous Felucca 94º39N 34º22W Sylvanus outpost 2001-07-24 Becca
Siege Perilous Felucca 103º17N 64º20E Drabons Watch Siege 2001-08-23 Uzell Cabal
Siege Perilous Felucca  125o 25’S, 18o 12’E  Torchwood Tower  2000-11-28  El-Ninio
Sonoma Trammel 32º31’N 50º3’E The Four Horsemen (4H) Castle *Caerleon* 2000-06-23 Venom
Sonoma Trammel 130º42N 88º14E PopLancermane’s Castle 2000-06-23 Pop Lancermane
Sonoma Trammel 28º8N 19º3W Orc Valley Library 2000-06-24 Kaneda Ibashi
Sonoma Trammel 92º23N 162º38W C&W 2000-06-23 Sengir
Sonoma Trammel 80º14S 7º35E Ordo Sanctaurus 2000-09-09 Lothar
Sonoma Trammel 18º16S 38º15W A Place For Envi 2000-09-03 Maeglin
Sonoma Trammel 39º54N 47º36E Swiss Chalet 2000-06-23 Moldy Cheese
Sonoma Trammel 80º41S 35º38E Bay Watch 200-06-23 Dame Judi
Sonoma Trammel 71º27N 63º46E Publish 21 Unfair to Castles 2000-06-23 Donna MacGregor
Sonoma Felucca 25º55S 5º29W Big Brick 2000-02-13 Jay
Sonoma Felucca 25º45S 4º51W Hart’s Home 2000-02-13 Jim
Sonoma Felucca 26º53S 4º55W unnamed 2000-02-13 Bruce
Sonoma Felucca 106º20S 5º54E Mineing Hideout 2000-03-26 Cuda
Sonoma Felucca 160º50S 41º37E Last Minute Hope 2000-04-16 Lady Robin
Sonoma Trammel 148º52S 33º15E Little House 2001-09-14 Nemesis
Sonoma Felucca 118º18S 0º21E An Unnamed House 2001-10-27 Rhynn Kwll
Sonoma Felucca 99º55S 2º35W An Unnamed House 2001-10-27 Ken the Pirate
Sonoma Trammel 32º37N 73º49E Bilbo’s Keep IV 2001-09-08 Idahoan
Sonoma Trammel 48º57S 23º33W Dreamhouse 2002-03-26 Fishball
Sonoma Trammel 136º3N 56º19E Char’Aznables Odditorium 2000-06-23 Ralph Lauren
Sonoma Trammel 84º34N 31º25E Enjoy the Moment 2000-06-23 Gruvyn
 Sonoma  Felucca  58º48N71º55E  Blackie’s Happy Home  2001-09-30  Blackie Onassis
Sonoma Trammel 96º47N 28º41W  not given  2001-09-09  withheld
 Sonoma  Trammel  134º54S 137º37W  not given  2001-07-12  withheld
 Sonoma  Trammel  140º26S 135º43W  not given  2001-04-06  withheld
 Sonoma  Trammel  136º34S 22º17E  not given  2001-04-05  withheld
Sonoma Felucca 41º7N 53º0E Gregor’s Place, A Family Home 1998-12-27 Gregor
Sonoma Felucca 40º57N 53º43E Jude’s Place 1998-12-27 Jude
Sonoma Feluccs 157º52N 57º1E Worker’s Tailor – My Quiet Place 1998-05-16 Worker
Sonoma Felucca 154º15N 59º37E Le Forge 1999-04-11 Mok
Sonoma Felucca 103º5N 158º34W Mining Fool’s Place 1999-04-12 Mining Fool
Sonoma Trammel 63º38N 57º1E Camelot 2000-06-23 LoveSpirit
 Sonoma  Trammel  80º9S 28º32W  El’Ren Manor  2000-11-03  Sapphire El’Ren
 Sonoma  Trammel  83º57N 95º7E  El’Ren’s Adventure Outpost and Gas Station  2001-03-28 Malachite El’Ren
 Sonoma  Trammel 90º47N 165º55  2000-06-23  Agent RedRum II
Sonoma Trammel 94’28″N 45′ 46″E Barbarian Manor 2000-06-23 Porthous
Sonoma Malas 116o 27 ‘N 31o 59 ‘E Lancermane Depot 2003-02-13 Hephaestus
Sonoma Malas 116o 27 ‘N 33o 45 ‘E Cookie Jar Cafe Queen Mum
Sonoma Malas 116o 27 ‘N 35o 43 ‘E [BUM] Alliance Workshop Mud
Sonoma Malas 113o 43 ‘N 35o 17 ‘E Lancermane Gardens Ares Trem’ek
Sonoma Malas 114o 29 ‘N 33o 53 ‘E Lancermane Interior Motif Raven
Sonoma Malas 114o 15 ‘N 32o 29 ‘E Lancermane Variety Shop Victorias
Yamato Trammel 76º55N 128º31E Clain MacBroeden Lair 2000-07-29 Trina MacBroeden
Yamato Felucca 37º42S 16º62E Southern Britain & The River, 37.42E 16.52E 1998-10-11 Rhynn Kwll
 Yamato  Trammel  56º20S 33º19W  Kana’s Refuge  2000-07-24  Kana

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