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Shard Facet Co-ordinates House Name Build Date Owner
Napa Valley
Napa Valley Trammel 10º59N 135º16W S&A Workshop 2000-07-18 Ariye
Napa Valley Felucca Withheld DUM SPIRO, SPERO 1999-11-13 Cutty Sark
Napa Valley Felucca Withheld SUAVITERIN MODO, FORTITER IN RE 1999-12-23 aRES
Napa Valley Felucca withheld FINIS CORONAT OPUS 2000-01-23 Cutbow
Napa Valley Felucca withheld DOCENDO DISCIMUS 2000-03-07 Watcher
Napa Valley Felucca withheld SHANGRILA 2000-01-14 Lunata
Napa Valley Trammel 13º27N 28º20E Parkers Place 2000-11-14 pUnk
Napa Valley Felucca 56º41N 29º52E This is a grandfathered house 2000-10-14 Sweet Lady Jane
Napa Valley Felucca 27º30S 12º5E An Unnamed House 2001-08-24 Diana Prince
Napa Valley Felucca 24º47S 17º51E An Unnamed House 2001-09-17 Rhynn Kwll
 Napa Valley  Felucca  37º15S 169º48E  Dayton’s  1999-09-11  Mack Norris Jr
 Napa Valley  Felucca  115º18S 28º45E  Dayton’s Place  2000-01-31  Jaguar Dayton
 Napa Valley  Trammel  withheld  Mona Lisa’s Home  2000-07-16  MichaelAngelo
 Napa Valley  Trammel  121º49N 147º1E  Jethro’s Tower  2000-10-16  Jethro Tull
 Napa Valley  Trammel  176º8N 122º17W  D&B House Fire Chapter  2000-10-21  King Crimson
 Napa Valley  Trammel  111º 387’N 36º 37’E  Clann Marrach Faol (M^F/M*F/B-C)  2000-06-23  Kale
Oceania Felucca 80º35N 21º1E Home Sweet Home 2001-09-28 Eternal One
Oceania Trammel 52º59N 43º22W Heavens Gate 2001-08-25 Becca
Oceania Felucca 40º20N 48º26E Hot Box 2001-01-27 Selina Kyle
 Oceania  Trammel  126º40N 106 018648E  Not given  2000-09-02  withheld
Pacific Trammel 12º23N 83º40N BeachGarden 2000-09-11 Dalamar
Pacific Trammel 44º55N 36º8E My B-day gift 2000-06-24 Revolution
Pacific Trammel 54º24N 67º51E An Unused Home 2000-07-14 Owner
Pacific Trammel 125º5N 58º8E Elador Archives 2000-07-14 Joy
Pacific Felucca 80º26N 10º28W Residence of Goliath 1999-01-01 Goliath
Pacific Trammel 59º20N 34º18W KGB Castle 2000-06-07 Smithsonian
Pacific Trammel 95º59N 32º54W How do you say?………….Ah yes, THE SHOW! 2001-08-15 Rip Gator
Pacific Trammel 84º43N 49º55E No one lives here 2001-12-03 Eternal One
Pacific Felucca 104º51S 5º29E Ebolter High School 1998-12-23 Ima Supa
Pacific Felucca 138º52N 45º8E Pacific Ice 138o 52’N, 45o 8’E Temple Of Julia 2001-01-14 Selina Kyle
Pacific Trammel 78º24N 32º24E Bilbo’s Keep II 2001-05-13 Idahoan
 Pacific  Felucca  37º15S 169º48E  Dayton’s  1999-06-11  Dayton
 Pacific  Trammel  12º30N 129º52E  PB&J Guild House  2002-04-22  Lo
 Pacific  Trammel  85º47 157º9W   In Memoriam TFL, EKG and TAR 1997-2007  2000-06-23  Ron Silverbeard
 Pacific  Felucca  127º27N 10º45E  Olde Deuteronomy’s Tower & YDF H.Q.  1998-06-06  Olde Deuteronomy
 Pacific  Trammel  105º55N 177º12W  Olde Deut’s Castle Mall  2000-06-23  Olde Dueteronomy
 Pacific  Trammel  24º15S 11º52E  Antipathy  2001-07-05  AnteyeJr
Pacific Malas  19º41N  29º10 W  V&C Bed & Breakfast & Rares Museum  2003-02-13  Magir
Pacific Malas
101º2'N 22º51'W
Luna Inc 2003-02-12 MOSCHINO
Pacific Malas  66º42’N 45º0′ W  Lady Of Darkness House  2003-02-12  Of Darkness
 UO House

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