CSD- Kendrick Morrow


Kendrick Morrow

Character Information:
Kendrick Morrow sat back in the ornate stone chair that decorated his study. A blue-gray smoke from the brazier to his left rose playfully into the air. He added more reagents to the smoldering heap and watched as a miniature fiery steed danced off and out the window. A fine trick he thought, worthy of his next act. Kendrick jotted some notes in the tome that lay open atop his stone table.

He lay his quill down, looked out the window once again, taking note this time of its charred frame. It was unlike Kendrick to misdirect a simple energy bolt, especially when the target had trespassed into his villa. Kendrick thought some more, staring at the darkened timbers. How could his villa have been infiltrated in the first place? Surely he’d set enough magical traps to snare even the most learned of rogues. His usual intuitive smirk fell to a grimace marked by disappointment. Kendrick Morrow had long been a collector of items of unusual and more often than not, powerful origin. His eyes turned to the empty stand that once held his latest acquisition. A shadowy crystal which emitted an eerie and velvety darkness into the room had rested in that stand only nights before. Now it was gone. He held little faith that the Guards would apprehend him. This rogue was smart, skilled, and knew exactly what he’d come for. Kendrick’s eyes narrowed. This was an inside job for sure. But who was close enough to know the secrets of his villa? He’d set charms and traps on nearly every entrance and window. There were shifting halls and vanishing staircases. He would have to reexamine each of them another time.
Kendrick tightened his cloak and set out to the venue where he’d thrill audiences as he twisted the will of the arcane arts for the entertainment of those able to afford the lavish expense of a ticket. As Kendrick walked the familiar streets to the venue he was met with many a greeting. Kendrick Morrow was easily recognized. Few could afford to wear clothing made entirely of golden thread. As he continued down the cobblestones he thought back to the path which lead him to his current life as an entertainer. Who’d of thought a hardened battle mage would find such pleasure in dazzling audiences with mere parlor tricks. Kendrick smiled to himself and shook his head a bit; fully knowing the price his audiences paid to see him perform such simple magics was justification enough for what he considered such ignoble magery. He reached the hall, already he could hear the audience bustling inside. A booming voice came from inside the hall, “Now, without further ado The Royal Performing Arts Society presents Kendrick Morrow the Magician!”

Kendrick smirked. He’d already tallied the attendance and could even now envision the hefty sum he would receive following his act. With a slight tipping of his head, he teleported into the hall with a thunderous crack of lightning and put on his show. Even as he executed the carefully thought out and rehearsed performance, his thoughts couldn’t help but wander to the thief. With these thoughts in his head, a bit of true mirth crept into the false performer’s smile he wore. The thief would quickly learn that his magic was not all parlor tricks…

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