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The City of Vigil

The City of Vigil is located in this donut shaped clearing. Last Visited by Cymidei Fier – 9/16/ 2001 

Coordinates:57’13’S COORDS 2′ 10°E – Trammel

A friend and I traveled recently to the City of Vigil, which is located just east of the hedge maze in a clearing shaped like a donut.  Vigil is a quaint city and home of The Dark Wardens; many members live in the city and run shops inside it’s borders.   If you visit Vigil be sure to visit the Rusty Dagger Tavern, run by the grand old dwarf Thorin Orcist!  You’ll also enjoy the vendor malls, rune library, and the exquisite Guild Tower.

The City of Vigil is governed by a council called, The Eternal Vigilants, who believe in guarding the realm against evil and fostering the nobility of the human spirit.

One can find citizens of the city just about any time.  If not in the town itself then seek them out behind the Skara Brae bank.

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