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Below is the information concerning this new rune house from one of the Proprietor, Thanous.The location is the 2nd north exit of Zento from the moongate.

The first floor is all Trammel/Zento and the rest of the Non-PVP stuff.
The 2nd floor is all Felucca runes.

Please note that we do have working ore, wood, leather, spawns for both Tram and Fel.  I believe we are, currently, the only library on the shard to offer these.  The rest of the floors are still under construction.

We are just a rune library trying to provide a useful and nearly
complete set of runes for the good people of Sonoma to use.

In the near future we plan to start vendors.

Rune Library







Proprietor: UORunehouse & Thanous

Owner On Sign: UORunehouse
38o 8’N 45o 4’W

Visited By: Kimi More
Visited On: Apr 25, 2007

Map to Location:

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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