Fishing Hall of Fame Records 2012


Fishing Hall of Fame Records 2012

Classic Fish
Fish Name Caught by Weight
A Big Fish (Blue) Ron Jeremy 189 Stones
A Big Fish (Green) Orin 198 Stones
Red Herring Bishop 187 Stones
Mud Puppy Iron Mack 190 Stones
Enchanted Creatures
Creature Name Caught by Weight
Blue Lobster Mace McElroy 121 Stones
Spider Crab No Name 0 Stones
Stone Crab Mace McElroy 142 Stones
Summer Dragonfish Mace McElroy 171 Stones
Autumn Dragonfish Iron Mack 194 Stones
Lava Fish Mace McElroy 179 Stones
Unicorn Fish Mace McElroy 169 Stones
Reaper Fish Lord Capt.Bootstrap 178 Stones
Yellowtail Barracuda Bishop 195 Stones
Great Barracuda Mace McElroy 194 Stones
Bull Fish Mace McElroy 151 Stones
Giant Koi Mace McElroy 195 Stones
Fire Fish Ron Jeremy 199 Stones
Holy Mackeral Bishop 192 Stones
Crystal Fish Orin 103 Stones
Fairy Salmon Mace McElroy 163 Stones
Rare Sea Creatures
Creature Name Caught by Weight
Blood Lobster Bishop 114 Stones
Dread Lobster Bishop 24 Stones
Void Lobster No Name 0 Stones
Void Crab Mace McElroy 84 Stones
Tunnel Crab Bishop 18 Stones
Abyssal Dragonfish No Name 0 Stones
Winter Dragonfish Bishop 39 Stones
Spring Dragonfish Mace McElroy 172 Stones
Blue Marlin Mace McElroy 145 Stones
Black Marlin Mace McElroy 146 Stones
Dungeon Pike No Name 0 Stones
Zombie Fish Mace McElroy 181 Stones
Giant Samurai Fish Kaiko 78 Stones
Seeker Fish No Name 0 Stones
Kingfish Mace McElroy 161 Stones
Stone Fish Bishop 127 Stones
Lantern Fish No Name 0 Stones
Golden Tuna Orin 156 Stones
Rainbow Fish No Name 0 Stones

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