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City of Wilder – Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 11 01Name: City of Wilder – Trammel – Sonoma
Guild: B^G
Guild Master: Lord hunter and the Black Guards
Location: 168o 18′ S – 141o 41′ W
Just to the northwest of the Daemon Temple on Fire Isle. 



History: Founded by Cice and the Black Guards (currently ruled by Lord hunter) as a base of operations for their continuing expedition to Britannia. Kept rather quiet the town is inhabited almost entirely by Guards. Its location so near the daemon temple readily discourages the casual visitor.

The city of Wilder has several businesses including The Armory (a vendor villa), Beer on Tap (a tavern)and Off Duty (a tavern atop the Town Hall itself). Some other items of interest include weekly PvP tournaments, temple raids, and gambling nights. It’s asked that you dont drag daemons, dragons or drakes into town since they get enough of them normally. Also, Dont bring pets or mounts inside the buildings as a common courtesy. By now there are a large number of people who have, at least, heard of the Wilder Rune Library. But, that is not the library I’m here to speak of today.  There has been a section of my guild’s website that for ages has had only one story, written by a rogue. I wish to change this. This section is devoted to stories of Britannia. I’ve read many a wonderful tale, but without permission from a story’s author, I will not record it.  I wish to expand this library and make it a useful place to visit. The address of the page can be found at the Wilder Library.  If anyone would like to have a story of their own writing posted here, please, send it to Story Submissions.  Please include with the story, the author’s name and a method of contacting ye.  My thanks for your time.Cice, 1st Black Guard, the Black Guards


Web site for the City of Wilder: City of Wilder – B^G Guild Website

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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