Winter’s Rose Tavern

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Winter’s Rose Tavern

Facet: Malas
Location: Just North of Luna
Coordinates: 121o 54’N x 12o 22’W
Owner: ???

The Winters Rose Tavern is staffed every Friday evening from approximatly 9pm EST

The Winters Rose Tavern, is an extension of the Freehold of Mirage and the Court of the Fae. Tucked back between a blanket of mountains and snow north of Luna city, the rustic little tavern is a comfortable place for an evening full of fun and mischief.
A stable is provided, external of the tavern proper, for those traveling from afar. Just inside is your usual tavern fare, with a kitchen located back to the side of the bar. A small crafting area lays nestled in the northeast corner for the quick repair, or those practicing the trade.
The second floor provides a comfortable atmosphere, with a large sitting and gaming room, for testing your intellectual skills, or just cuddling up in front of the fireplace. Off of the sitting room are a number of rooms, set aside for the weary traveler, or those unable to make the trek back home.

~ Raina Kanath ~
Clan Dalaigh, Kinship

Last modified: August 7, 2011

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