Township Summit Report March 18, 2010

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Township Summit Report
March 18, 2010
By: Tancred Redstar
The Bi-weekly Chesapeake Township Summit was convened by Lady Tavalia Zodok, Ambassador of the Crown, at 8:32 in the evening and a roll call was taken.

Noted Absent:
Kijustsu Anei Keys

First order of business was a rejoined call, from the previous meeting, for community teleporter petitions.

The following townships petitioned for a teleporter:
Moria, by Manshoon
Cimmerian Pass, by Nyx
Al Ellisande, by Gowron Dukaat
Silvervale, by Naitch

Lydia then appeared and took seat for Pitmuck.

Lady Zodok made an aside as to the question of Moria, given it’s recent transitional status with regards to it’s governance and political situation, and required that a new treaty of recognition be petitioned of the Crown afresh. Lady Zodok consigned Manshoon to deliver this message and it’s requirements to whatever new governance is now in place in Moria.

At this, Manshoon got lippy about it, stating how he is no one’s errand boy. This raised an eyebrow or two with Lady Zodok who reiterated in a somewhat sterner tone that a new treaty of recognition would need to be approved prior to any teleporter construction decision, but also quietly added that any aggression would be dealt with “appropriately”.

A recess for 10 minutes was then called by Lady Zodok at 8:47.

Prowler appears and takes seat for Templar.

The recess adjourned at 8:57 and conduction of business resumes.

Van Helsing appears and takes seat for Colt.

The business of teleporter petitions resumes, first with Silvervale.

Grace O’Malley appears and takes seat for Kijustsu Anei Keys.

The vote on the petition for a teleporter for Silvervale is called for and subsequently affirmed unanimously.

The vote on the petition for a teleporter for Cimmerian Pass is called for and subsequently affirmed unanimously.

The vote on the petition for a teleporter for Al Ellisande is called for and subsequently affirmed unanimously.

Lady Zodok then calls for other official business.

Tancred RedStar of Gyldenfeld requested the sea zone restriction imposed by the Crown a month ago after the appearance of a dangerous whirlpool west of Jhelom be lifted, citing no more ships have been lost.

Lady Zodok mentioned she will speak further on the matter with Commander Foxx but approves the lifting of the restriction, re-opening the waters south of Skara Brae and west of Jhelom to maritime trade and ship traffic.

Miss Watson of Kijustsu Anei requested Kijustsu Anei, Kijustsu Anei Keys and Moria be moved and recognized together.

Lady Zodok responded the matter will be considered after the new treaty of recognition with Moria is received and reviewed.

Winfield of PaxLair said PaxLair City is having problems transporting goods to PaxOku via sea. They have to had beach their ships and move goods by land, which is dangerous as PaxLair City is in Felucca. Various comments then flooded the table, including a request for a sort of SeaGate(similar in function to a moongate or the Serpent Pillars). Winfield added that a search for information regarding such magics or construction has been ongoing and continues through volumes of old books.

Lady Zodok said she would bring this matter to the attention of Queen Dawn for consideration of feasibility, if it were even possible.

Grace O’Malley of Kijustsu Anei Keys was recognized and read a prepared statement from the Acting Portreeve of Kijustsu Anei Keys:

“I, Odin Doomhammer, have reviewed my predecessor’s files and have determined that a misjudgment was made when deciding to be loyal to the Crown. I hereby decree that the Kijustsu Anei Keys loyalty be recorded for the records and changed from loyal to the Crown to neutral.”

Lady Zodok responded, saying this will jeopardize the consideration of rendering aid from the Crown in times of need. She quietly added “tread carefully in the guise of neutrality, fFor bearing false witness to such will not be dealt with kindly”

Tatania Karthina of PaxOku said she heard a rumor in Zento that the Empress of the Tokuno Islands might be touring her lands therein.

Lady Zodok thanked Lady Karthina for the news and made note of it.

Tancred RedStar of Gyldenfeld proposed cattle drive into the capital for the purpose of presenting the monarch, or her designee, a choice from among the herd of the finest cattle to stock the Royal Larder.

Lady Zodok approved of the idea and correspondence would be forthcoming to arrange the details.

Winfield of PaxLair City followed up, requesting any such cattle drive plan to include clean up efforts behind the cattle of what comes from the behind of cattle.

Tancred RedStar of Gyldenfeld quickly remarked that’s what orcs are for.

Lady Zodok, to address the issue, said the Ministry of Sanitation will be notified with regards to clean up efforts.

Lady Zodok then moved to close the meeting, pronouncing the next township assembly/summit meeting will be on March 31.

Future meeting dates shall be April 7 and April 21 for the month of April 2010.

There will be no meeting May 5th, 2010.

Lady Zodok then adjourned the meeting.

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