Silverbow (Town)

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Map of Silverbow. Last Visited by Bel d’Ajoor – November 2000
Coordinates : around 95°N, 55°E – Facet: TrammelHaving heard of any amazon tribe claiming a part of the land near the Desert of Compassion during Fall, I decided to go there to find out more about this strange story. I went across the Orc Valley from the Britain Towncryer office, and soon met a representative of the Sisterhood of Montana, as the amazons call themselves.

She showed the way to the town, namely due north of the desert crossroads’ guards post, which means northeast of the desert itself. There was some spawn around, but it wasn’t overwhelming, making it reachable by both experienced and young citizens of Britannia. The name of the town, Silverbow, seems to come from the sacred rune of Montana, the first of the Amazons. The rune represents a bow and arrow, as represented on the porch of one of the buildings, the “Shrine of the Huntress”. All the building of the Town were built around a small forest, probably a good hunting ground though I am not experienced in such things.

There is a good population there (most if not all of which are of course females), and you can probably expect to be treated with friendship by the amazons regardless of your gender, except if you enter a few specific buildings, sacred to their people. The best time to find somebody there seems to be european evenings, and both german and english are spoken by most of the town’s inhabitants. The best starting place for a visit is probably the tavern, since that is where most people hang out.

You can find more information about the Sisterhood of Montana here :

Screenshot of one of the buildings.

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