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Discuss the Book Store’s 6 Years of Success

ATLANTIC—One of Atlantic’s greatest strengths is its broad assortment of  helpful, player-run establishments. New tenants of the shard should be made  aware of several locations as they begin to acclimate to Atlantic – important  rune libraries, vendors, taverns, etc. Perhaps the first location any new  Atlantian should visit is a well-known shop located just west of Luna: DeadBob  and Lady Tang’s “Book Store.” Although the Book Store offers a wide range of  needful products – from furniture, to plants, to quest items – it is best known  for its collection of low-priced rune books, featuring marked runes to virtually  any location in Britannia. Because of its provision of rune books to dungeons,  cities, quest locations, and more, the Book Store serves as something of a  gateway to the rest of the Atlantic shard.

The Book Store has been in  continuous operation since its founding in November 2003. A key asset that sets  the Book Store apart from other player-run vendors, according to DeadBob, is  consistency.
“Over the years, players have been able to find useful  runebooks for sale on our vendors and free to use in our library,” said DeadBob. “There are some wonderful shops on Atlantic. But we’ve been here so long that  players returning after 4 or 5 years absence can still use their old rune to the  Book Store to get restarted. It’s like we’re part of the game.”
Indeed,  the Book Store’s provision of rune books holds great appeal both to new players  who are trying to learn their way around Britannia, as well as to old veterans  who are simply starting a new character.
“Staying useful to the players  is a big thing,” DeadBob said. “We continually stock basic runebooks and full  spell books at a low price so old players can easily help new players. Items on  our vendors tend to be those that players routinely seek, and cheap. Runebooks  for the current quests are on our front steps. The very latest event runes are  always out front in a box. Plus, we get to know our customers’ needs and keep  extensive blackmail files.”
Since the Book Store’s founding, business  has been steady according to DeadBob.
“It’s been fun,” he said. “Well,  occasionally a crystal elemental will eat a customer. But I tell people it’s all  part of our ‘Level while you Shop’ promotion.”
The Book Store has not  evolved much since its founding, but this seems to be the key to its success and  growth. Its steady supply of low-cost books, sold at the same location, for the  same prices, is likely to draw customers for years to come. “Remember folks,” DeadBob added, “at the Book Store, we cheat the other guy and pass the  savings on to You !
DeadBob and Lady Tang beta tested Ultima Online in 1997. Their vendor shop, the Book Store, is located  two and a half screens west of the Luna walls.
Interview by Fallon Valor
The BOOK STORE & Library

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