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Mage Tower

Last visited by Zerver – Feb 18 99Located close to the Moonglow Moongate on the west road. It is easy to get to. The second time I visited, there were several powerful mages in attendance. They were discussing the tower and some future events. Twice weekly they conduct a dungeon crawl, and are trying to work up some quests. 

There was much spell casting going on, and a lot of quick wit. I actually had a question about some strange scribing effect I has seen. Napa was down, so I ran to the Baja Mage tower. 2 or 3 non mage tower people were there sparring, and they were able to answer my questions.

I attended a crawl with the Mage Tower. They had over 30 there to go to Hyloth. I tried to hit all names a couple of times, but the page just FILLS with names and titles.

The tower and members continue to thrive. I visit more often than I show on the reviews, and generally I can find someone in the tower to speak with. On the night I took the photo below, Atlantic had crashed and many of the Atlantic mages showed up just to chat. This cross shard association is one of the most appealing aspects of the Mage Towers.

Link to Mage Tower web site: http://brenstar.cjb.net

Last modified: October 13, 2011

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