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City of Forlorn – Felucca – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos – March 29 01Name: City of Forlorn – Felucca – Sonoma
Guild: TFA
Guild Master: Desaad
Location: 76o 43′ S – 15o 11′ E
Just to the northwest of Trinsic, by the Shrine of Spirituality 



History: Caendryl used to be a very proud and prosperous city, as it encompassed the Shrine of Spirituality. But theres always a sad tale to tell if happiness and prosperity stay in one place for too long. Caendryl suffered heavy loss during the Minax wars. Juo’nar used to send raids up to Caendryl up from Trinsic often enough to chase off all who chose to make Caendryl their home leaving city buildings and homes to crumble and ruin to the whim of the elements.

Before the war was over, Lich Soulstealer led his armies into Caendryl and claimed it as his own and unfortunately there was no one there to oppose him due to the strained resources in fighting Minax and her brood. After the war, everyone’s efforts went towards rebuilding what was damaged and with the shrines becoming corrupted, everyone who left Caendryl wished not to return. Of course Lich Soulstealer’s men kept those unwanted people from returning home as well and some were even slain. Once the ghost town of Caendryl was secured, Lich Soulstealer then turned it over to Desaad. Desaad quickly changed the name of the city from Caendryl to Forlorn. He even left most of the old Caendryl buildings in their places to rot as the TFA guild swiftly set up their structures. I had a chance to visit the city of Forlorn and it truly did look like the name implied: Seeming sad or lonely due to abandonment or desertion. The old city of Caendryl looks pained within the confines of Forlorn, but its no surprise. The pendulum has swung from the joyous of Caendryl to the moroseness of Forlorn and no one saw it coming, except maybe Lich Soulstealer who acted upon Caendryl’s vulnerability. On a positive note though, the city of Forlorn does boast to having a GM smithing shop in town and on Thursdays at 7pm, pst, there are Tarot readings done in the Drow Magicks building. The only restrictions in town state that ye cant perform any negative actions in town or else the person who committed the negative act shall be swiftly tried and punished, not necessarily in that order. Yes, its amagizing… The city of Forlorn is truly growing and it seems that Even evil prospers, sometimes…

Web site for Forlorn: City of Forlorn – TFA Guild Website

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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