CSD Malas Treasure



Runebook: Malas, Luna West (Treasure Maps)


Runebook: Malas, Luna East (Treasure Maps)


Runebook: Malas, Umbra West (Treasure Maps)


Runebook: Malas, Umbra Central (Treasure Maps)


Runebook: Malas, Umbra East (Treasure Maps)

Last modified: December 31, 2011

4 Comments to “CSD Malas Treasure”

  1. How are you supposed to be able to find the location with no coordinates!?

    • Lord Gareth says:

      WHen you open the treasure map you find which number location is near your spot. The runebooks for the Library are located (Chesapeake) H-J Rune Library on Homare-Jima Island and (Atlantic) Goodman’s Rune Library on Makoto Island

      • Ivy the Mage says:

        Yes, the maps are randomized now so that they cluster around a general area. One trick is that if you put the map in a Davies Locker, it will give you the coordinates to the spot. What I do is write those coordinates down and with 100 mining I never have to look for the spot more than a few times.


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