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Player Run Establishments
Probably one of the longest-running vendor houses on the shard, The Emporium was originally called the BCS Emporium and operated out of a customised house in the middle of Malas.  

Since its establishment, The Emporium has moved location three times. Once to a nearby Malas location, once to Zento and finally to its current home in Luna City.


So what can you buy at the Emporium? Pretty much everything! At the time of printing, there are twenty-six vendors set up on-site. Here is some of what is available for sale:


  • Deco (ML, SE, Normal, Add Ons, Stoneware, Glassware, Plants, Lighting)
  • Resources (Regs, Translocation, Arcane, Repairs, Inscription, Potions, Recipes)
  • Equipment (Jewellery, Weapons, Armour, Bard, Mage, Talismans)
  • Rares/Rewards (Artifacts, Vet Rewards, High End, Gifts, PowerScrolls)


There is actually a lot more to be found on location, but it was impossible to include them all here.

Emporium Rune Library

The Emporium is also home to one of the finest Rune Libraries on the shard, which is constantly updated. The newest volumes are placed at the front of the library (these normally contain the latest quests and new game content) and are moved into the main library when more recent volumes become available.

Some of the more popular books in the Rune Library include: Complete Treasure Map Locations, NPC Shop Locations (sorted by type of shop), Ore Mining Collection (book for each Ore type), Quest Books/Guides, Taming Guide, and the VERY popular and unique A-Z of Monsters (nine runebooks sorted alphabetically by monster name).


Other Features

Other public facilities are available on location at the Emporium, including a full set of public access dyetubs with dyes, quest information and guides in the library, and Fox-Emporium Event information. This location is also home to the Fox-Emporium CIGO Casino, which is open weekly, and Fox-Emporium Auctions, held once a month.

The Emporium was in operation long before Fox-Emporium Events was established, however, and it should be noted that the vendors and library at this location are wholly owned and operated by MissEcho herself.

The Emporium



Proprietor: Kanika  

Owner On Sign: Kanika
93o 21’N 29o 2’W

Visited By: Cymoril
Visited On: June 04, 2006

Map to Location:




Last modified: August 10, 2011

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