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Kinship Hall on Catskills

Last visited by Zerver – Dec 7 98The Tavern is located on the mainland side of Skara Brae. The closest way to walk is from Britain Moongate, between the mountains and the Hedge Maze. Then follow the road right into Kinship. Kinship has sort of taken over the mainland part of Scara Brae.

When I first visited Kinship, I found the Tavern very busy. Many people coming and going. There were several who seemed to be there just to find any murderers lurking. There were several guilded Kinship guards about also.

The second visit was at the request of ChuChulain, one of the founders. I ran to the Hall early in the morning and found no one about, so I slept. When I awoke about mid afternoon, I found the Hall brimming with people.

Like the first visit, the talk was fast and a little hard for me to follow. These people know each other so well, they only need express half a thought to get their points across. I sat for a time and listened with interest at all of the goings on.

After a time I arose to get a breath of air, when someone greeted Chuey, whom I took to be ChuChulain. It was, and after introductions he led me a tour of the town. It seems that a small group began the town shortly after the shard came online. They had a vision from early on of a society, somewhat segregated by race and trade, and ruled by clan leadership. What they have is very close to that original vision.

They have town buildings that although locked, are available to all townspeople to aid in the different crafts, such as hunters bringing hides to be left for the tailors.

Kinship has many races represented in its midst, and runs a caravan of pack animals around periodically to trade with the other races throughout the shard, all the way from Trinsic, to Yew, to Minoc.

Kinship does have a large number of completely public buildings, including training huts, forges, miller/oven, and tailor shop.

Link to the Kinship Web Site: http://www.awnomads.com/kinship/

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