Bloodhaven (Town),

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Map of BloodHaven Last Visited by Bel d’Ajoor – November 2000

Coordinates: around 91°N, 29°E – TrammelAs I had received a scroll telling me about strange occurences in the region of Yew and was looking for information, I met Lord Baal-Draco near Empath Abbey, who kindly proposed to let me see why people disappeared from the area. It was the middle of autumn, and the wind was chilling.

Even though I was disoriented for a while after entering his the gate Baal-Draco provided, I soon noticed the town lays to the north of the so-called Orc Valley, northeast of Wind and the Shrine of Chaos, and northwest of the Desert in which the Shrine of Compassion can be found. A few Gargoyles and Brigands dwell around the town, though not really invading it, making the place quite enjoyable, though young persons should not try and go alone there. The shortest way from Britain is of course the Orc Valley, and from Yew the eastern road should take you there quite fast.

Bloodhaven is a living city. Don’t get me wrong, when I say “living”, I mean “active”. It seems that what had caused trouble in Yew indeed came from this place: the town is populated by undeads of many kinds, and their followers. If you do not feel offended by the smell of rotting corpses and by people drinking your blood now and then, you will enjoy the place and meet very interesting people. English is mainly spoken there (as far as I could see), and you can usually meet the inhabitants during the early european night.

The town has been recently founded, and the opening should be celebrated soon. The masters of the Town plan to stage regular events in the future, though I know not what kind of things shall happen then. As a last information, it seems the political structure of the town is based on a religious council, even though there is an elected mayor.

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Keys to the map :

  1. Fallen Temple of the Damned
  2. Town Hall & Rune Library
  3. Court & Training Area
  4. Tavern
  5. Workshop
  6. Music & Art Shop
  7. Provisioner
  8. Mage Shop
  9. General Store
  10. Tailor
  11. Outpost & Watch Tower
  12. Museum
  13. Casino
Ground Floor of one of the buildings.

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