Sea Witch Tavern

Return to: Baja

Location: Northern Magincia. (Plot NW-1)

Affiliation: Sovereign Magincia. The New Magincian Trading Co.

The Sea Witch Tavern has become the foremost RP destination on Baja.

The establishment is located on the northern edge of the Isle of Pride and caters to Pirates, Smugglers, Assassins and others who would procure their services. Illicit goods and contraband are exchanged here. Favors and assassination contracts discussed in the corner over a glass of Strega. Wenches and bronze-skinned brutes serve drinks in next to nothing while singers moan scandalous tunes for the pleasure of patrons. It is a den of debauchery and sin without peer.

Tavern nights are scheduled Fridays at 8:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM EST. However the proprietor – Circe – and members of the Magincian Trading Co. can be found here most evenings.

Citizens of the Isle of Pride discuss the assassination of Town Guard Adam Myrdraal.














Lynne confronts Tamar the Umbral

Lynne confronts Tamar the Umbral.


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