ZOG Union Complex – Malas – Sonoma

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ZOG Union Complex – Malas – Sonoma

Last visited by JaydeSilverhart on January 6, 2006
Name: The Zog Union Complex – Malas – Sonoma
Proprietor: Emporer Thraximus Zog
Guild: ZOG
Location: 23o 18’N 2o 48’E
Location Description: Through the mountains north of Umbra


Nestled just outside a tunnel through the mountains north of Umbra are a pair of imposing stone structures holding guard over an orcish lord’s fort. The inhabitants of this complex are the Zog Empire, lead by Emporer Thraximus Zog.

The westernmost of the two halls stands empty at present, but the Zoggish emporer promises to have the building decked out and ready for use by his proud warriors soon. Thraximus also promises to recreate his museum and library in this hall, which were sadly boxed up and unavailable for viewing when I stopped by to file my report.

The front entrance to Zog Primus, the eastern hall, features ornate topiaries and a green awning covering massive oaken doors. Clearly, this structure has been designed with the most stalwart of warriors in mind.

The first interior floor features a grand meeting hall, complete with a replica of Lord British’s throne. It is here that Zogs hear the orders of their emperor and make plans for their conquests of Felucca.

The second floor sports a comfortable sitting area for Zoggish warriors to reflect on the horrors of battle and recouperate for their next assault surrounded by the armor and weaponry of other brave combatants who have gone on before. The sense of power emanating from these artifacts of combat is awe-inspiring, and the effect was not lost on this reporter.

Additionally, dye tubs are available here for new Zog recruits to take on the colors of their empire.

Adjacent to the sitting room is a spiritual corner, wherein soothsayers read the tarot and consult the omens of the aether before sending Zogs into perilous battle. Auspiciously centered on a pentagram, the space also projects calm vigilance with the dragon’s blood incense burning in a nearby brazier.

As the revitalization of the Zog Empire continues to grow, so too shall this imposing complex in the shadow of the mountain. All are welcomed who wish to roleplay and discuss the history of the Sonoma community. Those wishing to travel to the Zog Primus hall should exit Umbra to the north and stay along the road. You will encounter a brigand camp approximately halfway there, so be on guard! As you encounter the mountain tunnel through which the road passes, you will see an orcish lord’s fort. Turn southeasterly and walk downward. The first building you encounter will be the new Zog expansion hall; Zog Primus is immediately to the east.

Thraximus Zog can be reached via ICQ at UIN 235 527 717. Additionally, information about the Zog Empire can be found at TheZogEmpire.com.

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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