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Fairhaven Village

Fairhaven Village is a small community of craftsmen and adventurers located near the Yew Moongate on the Trammel facet. Silkon, the mayor and founder of Fairhaven Village, was a citizen of the Kingdom of Dawn, until the Great War that devastated Felucca. After he crossed over into Trammel, Silkon settled in a small clearing and opened the Fairhaven Market, with this first building established, he began the process of reaching out to his neighbors to form a community. Slowly, the village grew to include twelve buildings. When asked to describe the village, Silkon said “we are all family and friends or as close as you can get to it”

During my visit I saw smiths and other villagers going about their lives. The folk of the village seek to uphold Lord British’s virtues. Among the virtues Honesty is held most sacred and hard work is encouraged in Fairhaven Village.




1. Fat Horse Tavern
2. Rune Library
3. Stables
4. Market
5. Community Center
6. Armory
7. Lodge
8. Arcane Institute
9. Warrior School
10. Twilight Traders
11. Bath House and
Fletcher Shop
12. AoV Embassy
13. Party Center
14. Inn (Burned in a tragic fire)

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