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The Mos Eisley Cantina has been in operation in its present location since Early 2006, and has quickly become a shopping hotspot for Oceania’s residents. JediSith Katsa’s well-stocked Cantina offers a wide range of items at very reasonable prices. With fourteen vendors operating at the time of my visit, the following items were on sale:  


  • Repair Deeds: Tailor, Blacksmith, Tinker, Carpentry
  • Magery/Scribe: Arcane, Scrolls, Runebooks, Spellbooks, BOD books
  • Bulk: Reagents, Arrows, Bolts
  • Plants: Petals, Thorns, Leaves, Seeds, Decorative Plants
  • Translocation: Bag of Sending, Pet Summon Balls, Powder
  • Potions: Potion Kegs (large range)
  • Quest Items: ML Quests, Machetes
  • Other: Bone Containers, Golem Kits, Parrots


I spoke with JediSith Katsa about the vendors while I was there and he says the hot sellers are Petals, Reagents and Potions. Not surprisingly, all of these were very well-stocked when I was there. I asked what we might see in the future and he mentioned his expansion plans to open a franchise in Zento, in the Tokuno Islands. No doubt the vendors keep him very busy, with restocking and regular runedrops, and plans to expand in both location and stock!


For convenience, JediSith has also placed a Communication Crystal on the ground floor. If you have need of a special order, just say what you are after and one of the JediSith characters will get the message if they are online. There’s also a bulletin board for messages.

If you’re looking for the Mos Eisley Cantina, the Nearest landmark is Luna City and Bank. Head out the Eastern gate of Luna and follow the mountain around, as on the map. If you’re familiar with Star Wars (as JediSith Katsa clearly is), you can’t miss the tie-fighters on the roof on your in-game map

Mos Eisley Cantina




Owner On Sign: JesiSith Katsa
115o 8’N 1o 24’W

Visited By: Cymoril
Visited On: 27th August 2006

Map to Location:




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