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The Sandlewood Box Tavern
Coordinates: 77o 36’S, 33o 19’E (Felucca)
Last visited by Kyra – June, 2002The Sandalwood Box, lovingly nicknamed ‘The Box’ by the tavern regulars, has a long history of strong ale, fierce battles, unforgettable parties, and humble service! Noleeens, the tavern’s proprietor, has been with ‘The Box’ through thick and thin… from an orc raid that cause the tavern to relocate… to the most recent upgrade which finally put the little tavern in a tower!

The Sandalwood Box was originally opened by a man named Ryak in an L-Shaped building in the Trinsic swamps. His goal was to create a memorable establishment to be used by the entire community. And it wasn’t long before all the people of the lands were calling tavern home.

If the walls of The Sandalwood Box could speak they would surely tell us of the many forces that have laid siege to the tavern as the years have past. Several groups, such as the BloodRock Clan, the Black Company, the Cereal Killers, the forces of the Black One, the Gold One, pirates and crazed imps have raised arms against the tavern and have all been fought off by patrons and friends. The whispering tavern walls would also tell us of the guilds that have met here, shared an ale here and split blood here. They would tell of all the people who have called the Sandalwood Box ‘home’ over the years. They would bring back memories of grand holiday gatherings, wedding parties, ‘nekkid’ nights, story telling events and even the private meetings of lovers. The Box has seen it all!

The main floor of the Sandalwood Box is dedicated to serving patrons of the tavern. Large stone tables lined with mugs of ale invite passers by to sit and relax for awhile. The connected bottles of ale and the alligator statue on the floor are relics from a time when the tavern was located in the swamps. The runebook library gives patrons access to not only all of the Felucca cities and dungeons but also other establishments that serve the public. Vendors stand ready in the back room to sell you the vanquishing weapon you have been looking for or kegs of potions for your plants!

The next floor serves as Noleeens private quarters and, when needed, a place for small guild meetings. Also, several rares are on display here. Grab a book from the shelves here and kick back and relax. The stone fireplace glows a bright and beautiful green after nightfall and should not be missed!

Located in the woods just North of Trinsic (Felucca), the Tavern is open to the public all hours of the day but most of the patrons frequent the tavern in the evening.

To chat with Noleeens or other patrons of the Sandalwood Box and keep track of their upcoming events visit the tavern’s forum.

Kyra’s Comments:
The Sandalwood Box is steeped in our history! I can remember visiting it when I was still young to our lands and reading the grand library of books. Everyone should visit the Box!


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  1. Capt. Lucky says:

    Let’s not forget Andrew Bishop who took over from Ryak. I’ll always remember it as the L Shaped house, nothing else was really the same. Those were the days!


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