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Moonglow Governance Remains Strong Thanks to the Moonglow Town Council

ATLANTIC—The magical Isle of Verity, home of the Lyceum, has long served as a  hub for knowledge and learning. Yet, perhaps more importantly, the Isle is a  mainstay of Atlantic history: the Atlantic mage Tower, one of Atlantic’s most  renowned establishments, was once located here. Verity has seen many visitors  over the years, but one guild has chosen to make the Isle its permanent home.

The Moonglow Town Council (MTC), based in the city of Moonglow, was  founded to establish a government for the citizens of the Isle of Verity. When  GreyPawn, a former Seer and a figure of legend on Atlantic, established the  Council, his intent was to build a virtuous community, justly governed, who  called Verity their home. The MTC is one of the first – and perhaps the most  historic – player governments on Atlantic.
“A lot of guilds pretend to  operate cities, and almost all of them claim to boast a family-like  environment,” said GreyPawn. “Moonglow Town Council has done both since before  doing so was trendy, and has actually made positive strides in advancing causes  for the city itself.”
The MTC has promoted many changes to Moonglow over  the years, some of which have resulted in lasting changes.
“The Moonglow  Beautification Project was spearheaded by the MTC and resulted in the  establishment of the statue garden in front of the bank,” GreyPawn said. “Personal initiatives by Mayors in the past have lead to the removal of hedges  from fields, allowing cotton and wheat to be harvested along with vorpal bunny  hunting. A current push is underway to restore the fallen Atlantic Mage Tower to  the green area beside the tailor shop, or at minimum the Eternal Flame of  Mages.”
Organized as a magocracy, the MTC is lead by a strong executive – namely, its mayor. The mayor appoints council members, who carry out the  directives of the executive. Several of these council members also hold special  positions, including the vice-mayor, chancellor, minister of defense, and  minister of commerce. The key to MTC’s growth and success, according to  GreyPawn, lies in its tradition of strong leadership.
“MTC has had a  long line of impressive leaders serving the Council. Mayors such as Fong, Samon  Triest, Cal Hurst, and Yasamin that took up the mantle of leadership contributed  greatly to Moonglow’s growth as a city and as a guild.”
In addition to  formal leadership, the MTC also has a vibrant aristocracy, as well as several “hero-level characters,” in GreyPawn’s words. Humanis and the Orcs are notable  characters whose success, in many ways, stemmed from their early roles in the  MTC.
Despite the MTC’s strength and permanence since its founding nearly  ten years ago, the Council has also faced its share of challenges. As a  functioning city government, one of the MTC’s primary focuses has been  encouraging widespread participation.
“Inactivity has been the biggest  challenge MTC has encountered in its history. Ensuring the survival and  continuity of a functional Moonglow government in spite of the natural ebb and  flow of activity has been at the top of our priorities,” said GreyPawn.
Over the past decade, Britannia has undergone innumerable changes: new  places, new people, and new rules have forever altered how Atlantians conduct  their virtual lives. In response to these changes, the MTC has evolved to ensure  that it is always ready to meet the needs of its citizens.
“Originally,  Moonglow Town Council was much more zealous with regards to the Virtues. Over  its history, it has mellowed considerable and now is more accepting. Leadership  methodology has also evolved over time, shifting toward a more democratic  mindset rather than the Council’s magocratic roots,” GreyPawn said. “Another  interesting note about the evolution of MTC would be the transition over time of  the guild color. Originally a bright blue, ‘Moonglow Blue’ has gone through the  gamut of being dark blue, special hue blue, and as of late a hue closer to  valorite. MTC blue is considered the trademark color of the guild.”
The  MTC relies heavily on the loyalty and virtue of its core membership. MTC’s motto  is “semper veritas,” which is translated “always truth.” It is customary for MTC  members to greet one another with this phrase. The MTC creed, according to  GreyPawn, “is that Moonglow Endures, and we are sworn to continue to serve our  shard and our city as best we can.
GreyPawn is a former Seer and the  founder of the Moonglow Town Council
Interview by Fallon Valor
Moonglow Town Council Guild  Headquarters

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