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Castle Evermore – Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by Pluffina –   May 18 01Name: Castle Evermore – Trammel – Sonoma
Guild: KB
Benefactor: Wolf of Evermore
Location: 131o 2 N 88o 1 E
Just to the north of Minoc in the High Steppes, not far from the northern mines. 



History: Castle Evermore one of the royal holding of Lord British’s family. The present owner is Lord Wolf of KB, also known as Wolf of Evermore. The Castle has always been a refuge to the Royal family and was past down to the current owner about 7 months ago. Wolf had Princess Carol, the Daughter of Lord British, for a mother and the Avatar as a father. Wolf was trained in the art of war and learning from a young age but at 16 his memory of his past was clouded. He found himself in Minoc with the means to support himself and the drive to serve the good people of this land.

As time went on he found others who felt the need to ‘Walk on the Path of the Avatar” and learned of the Knights of Balaklava. Now the Knights of Balaklava share Lord Wolf’s Castle. Lord Wolf lives in the inner keep 2nd floor and the rest of the castle is occupied by the different orders of the Knights of Balaklava. The events that take place at the Castle are weekly Jousts for guild members and other guilds can ask to use the grounds for their own jousts. Training events take place weekly and the Castle has a large library (all npc books) and almost all of the Sage Arthur’s Britannia Herald volumes. We are a guild that role plays good and some of us walk the path of virtues. The virtues are practiced at Castle Evermore and we ask all to be respectful of them. You may learn more about the Castle Evermore and the Knights of Balaklava at the link below.

Web site for Castle Evermore: Caste Evermore – KB Guild Website

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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