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CMG Blacksmith Shop on Great Lakes

Last visited by Zerver – Jan 14 99The CMG Blacksmith shop sits right outside of the doors to Cove. You couldn’t miss it if you tried. I came to it on the Great Britania tour. And at the time some sort of discussion was going on and I did not want to interrupt.

AK, I have been back to CGM but forgot to update the page, sooo sorry.

I sat and TRIED to talk to a seer for a while. Hmmmmmm. Then I just looked around for a while. Hmmmmmmm. Then checked all the vendors, Ooooooh. Tried to ask some questions of customers. Nobody likes me I guess. :)

I did stop by again, and did find someone behind the counter. She said that of the original 5 owners of the CMG, only 2 go behind the counter much anymore, and 3 do keep their vendors fairly well stocked. I sat hidden for a while, and there was a fairly steady stream of people in and out, and several using the forge.

Another trip to the CMG was with Designer Dragon, (or as those of use who know him closley call him, Mr Designer Dragon). There was a large group touring with DD, and Heather was a wonderful host.

Here’s a link to their web site. http://lonestar.texas.net/~heatherc/CMG/

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