The Trinsic Rose

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Name of Establishment: The Trinsic Rose

Location & (Facet): 116o 58’S 33o 7’E (Trammel)

The Trinsic Rose, Originally apart of the player town of Valoria but now moved to Trinsic. The Tavern is run by VanQa and her elven guild E-V.

The Tavern is open 8pm-10pm GMT, Monday and Friday, But may be used any time for RP usage.

Above the tavern floor there are rooms for long distance travellers to stay, Downstairs also has a few vendors that can be very helpfull!

The Tavern Floor

Downstairs, Stables and Vendors.

Upstairs, With the rooms for long distance travellers.

If your interested in contacting the Trinsic Rose you may do so by contacting the following person,

VanQa (ICQ 122488731)

And finally here is a map of the taverns location.


Last modified: August 6, 2011

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