CSD- Healer’s Guild Admission Progress


Vesper Healer’s Guild Admission

(Township Healer Stations)


In order to gain successful admission to the Healer’s Guild applicant townships must have three (3) resident individuals admitted into the guild. Individual acceptance will be granted after completion of three admission tasks.

These are the current standings for the Healer’s Guild Admission requirements. At any time you can Submit a Malady/Remedy for credit by dropping it in the HoC Mailbox, also you can Register as a Healer During the EM Royal Britannia Guard events (you won’t get RBG credit as well).

Action City
Celestial Knight- 2

Aryslan City
Enterprise- 2 , Pidge- 1 , Srafeen- 1

The City of Dragon’s Watch
Earik- 2 , Nanoc- 2 , Phoenix- 3 , Savaric- 1

The City of Guardian’s Gate
Daria Blackmore- 2 , Bane- 1 , Blushing Rose- 1 , Jaya Ballard- 1 , Larry Fine- 2 , Mirt- 2 , Mystic Maker- 1

The City of Kijustsu Anei Village
Angelus- 1 , Jared- 1  , Niva- 3 , Sarberius- 3 , Bloodbath- 3 , Jared- 1 , Mystique- 1 , Najica- 1 , Parrothead- 1  , Larry- 1

Antagonist- 1 , Hush Baby- 1 , Kalkano- 1 , Sheva Alomar- 1

Moria Village
Angelica- 3 , Arin- 1 , Demon Slayer- 3

Nidaros Village
Judge- 3 , Nidaros Armorer- 1 , Calkano- 3 , Tristan- 2

The City of PaxLair
Dariann- 1 , Winfield- 2 , Winmere- 3

The City of PaxOku
Ashlynn- 1 , Jess the Wench- 1 , Fanny Firebottom- 1

Silvervale City
Delta Butch- 1 , Mystic Maker- 1 , Balthier Trakand- 1 , Darth Oni- 1 , Sven Ole Thorson- 1

Skara Brae

Zedland City
Gareth- 1 , Ozog- 1


Vesper Healers Admission Part 1- Malady/Remedy Submission
(*Can be Submitted at anytime*)

Applicants will be required to submit one remedy to common maladies. Remedies should be as descriptive as possible, and include nature of the malady they are treating, history of the malady, possible modes of transmission/infection/affliction, signs and symptoms and any preventative/treatment measures to be taken, as well as all ingredients necessary to treat the malady. An example:
Orcish Flu

Orcish Flu has long since plagued the rural settlements of Britannia. Despite the Orcish description there is little to no evidence that the infection has anything to do with the aforementioned race. The name is likely the result of the first outbreak of the disease which occurred in a small village within proximity to the famous Orc dungeon. Numerous expeditions into the Dungeon have failed to locate the natural reservoir for the disease, hence modern theories suggest an alternative origin for the disease.

Orcish Flu is characterized by a general feeling of malaise, and is mostly accompanied by strained cough, sneezing, and fever. The condition is mostly treatable using a combined salve of ginseng and garlic applied to the chest. Green tea and gingerbread can also be ingested to relieve gastric symptoms. The disease presents approximately 5 days post exposure and runs its course within one to two weeks.


Vesper Healers Admission Task 2- Royal Guard Registered Field Medic
(*Can be done at any EM Royal Guard Event*)

Attend any EM Royal Guard Event and turn a book in with the following information to Commander Drake Foxx or Captain Gwen Irina

1. Your Character Name:
2. Township Affiliation:

You will be expected to heal and resurrect fellow Guardsmen and/or be assigned to a specific Guard (Player)


Vesper Healers Admission Task 3- Vesper Healers Test
(*Only Accessible Once Every 4 – 6 Months & Changes*)



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