Community Teleport Hub


The Community teleporter hub is run by Lord Gareth. You will find the teleport hub located near the Homare-Jima moongate. There are a number of teleporter tiles at the hub, which all go to different places throughout sosaria. The teleporter tiles go to different Towns,Taverns, Establishments, Museums, Shops, and more for everyone to explore.

Rules & Agreements of the Hub

  • Any (towns, establishments etc) is allowed to connect. *No one will be turned away or Disconnected.
  • Any (towns, establishments etc) wishing to connect must supply their own teleport tile set. (Unless other arrangements are made with Gareth.)
  • Gareth is responsible for ALL teleport tiles located within the hub building. (Gareth agrees to replace any teleport tile should something happen.)
  • Anyone connected to the hub is responsible for the safety of those using it. They will not use it to purposely kill, steal or cause grief to those using the hub or connected to it.
  • The community teleport hub is not responsible for any connections that do not directly link to the community teleport hub. (Use other connection at your own risk.)
  • Any (towns, establishments etc) connected may request their teleport tile back at anytime. (Please allow at least 24 hours for it to be returned.)

*The community teleport hub may turn away connections if there is not enough room but will do its best to expand the hub for more connections.

**The community teleport hub may turn away a connection if its for personal use only.

***The community teleport hub may turn away a connection if there are already multiple connections to the area it would be located at.

****The hub also reserves the right to disconnect any (towns, establishments etc) that break the rules or grief another connection.

*****The community teleport Hub will not deal in politics or policies of any connection. Everyone is welcome.

Community Teleport Hub Setup

Teleport tiles should only be handed to Gareth. It is the responsibility of the person handing the tile over to verify the Gareth character is real and not a fake. They should do this by sending a icq to 267944224. Then a time will be setup to transfer the teleport tile at the hub building. On top of that they will request for the Gareth character to ban them from the teleport hub building to show he is the correct Gareth.

The Community teleporter hub is still growing. Be sure to check

back often as more locations are added often!!!

Last modified: October 10, 2011

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