Historic – Hall of Valor on Great Lakes

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Last visited ?The Hall of Valor is located on the road from Britan to Yew, right outside of the Desert of Compassion. (Directly North of the Temple of Mondain). Its run by a friendly guy named William

In his youth , William travelled to many lands even outside of Britannia. One such place is Valkamir, home of the viking raiders of the north. He worked as a mercenary soldier for their chieftain, and the locals gradually began to trust him enough to teach him their ways. In the end William grew to believe in their God Odin and in the after-life known as Valhalla, the place of honored warriors who died courageously in battle. He decided at that point in life that only Valor was a true virtue, because it was the only way to get to Valhalla, and in the end, its the only thing you can hope to keep when faced with death. Now it is many years later, and William is a aging warrior. He has fought with Valor for many years, but he fears that death will catch him in bed, rather than on the battlefield, consigned to the frozen Hel of cowards. So to appease Odin he has built the Hall of Valor, which was originally the home of the guild known as the Wielders of the Sword til he bought it one month ago. Through its existance the influence of valor and war shall reign high among the land, increasing the Northern God’s power, and perhaps ensuring that William will feast in the greater halls of Valhalla upon his death.

The hall of Valor is usually staffed everyday from 10:00 pm CDT to 12:00 AM CDT

Every Friday William hosts fight nights at 10:00 PM CDT

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