Atlantic Mage Tower

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Mage Tower on Atlantic

Last visited by Zerver on Jan 26 99The Atlantic Mage Tower was one of the very first public buildings I ever visited. I visited it even before I began my wanderings.

I am QUITE pleased to say that it has been, and will continue to be sponsored by the unnamed ones. I was there early one morning and saw nothing unusual, the next morning *POOF* beautiful furniture.
I was also met by Percival, Tiffric, and Wintermute who were all basking in their beautiful new tower.
The Mage Tower sponsors many events, and often someone can be found there to answer your Magery questions.
The Mage tower has continued sponsorship. The last 2 changes include a Teleporter directly to Leiah’s Rune Library, and a Stable master.
Now when attending those mage tower events you may stable your horse rather than leave it outside where someone can kill it, or it can wander off. The tower is more full than the photo would suggest. I found people on every level of the tower.

Last modified: September 10, 2011

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