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I had the pleasure of meeting fierce today and talking with her about her Tiny Bear Shop. Her shop has amazing pack art along with other deco on her porch, such as a Tiny Bear Band and ‘dressed’ dress forms. I have included several pictures of the art for your enjoyment.

When did you begin playing UO?

  I began playing UO 4 years ago. I started as a smith and swordsman in Atlantic.

When did you start playing on LA?

 I have been on Lake Austin within the first two week it opened. But I am still too late at;that time. The spot for big house are all taken. So I started as a mage and live in the smallest house. The brick house I believe.

What are the name(s) of your main character(s)?

 My main character is fierce who is mainly an crafter. I also have a swordsman goes by the name dire griffin who is mainly played by my son.

Do you run any “establishments” on the shard beside the Tiny Bear Shop?

 I attempted to run a bagpack art museum along with my friends with the intention to create over 100 creatures in the displaying hall, mainly bears and monkeys. However, it is really time-taking and even painstaking to make those creatures. Despite the fact that my friends have helped me a lot with regards to the inspiration as well as material.

Those backpacks show a lot of work and imagination.
The bags are engraved with the comments below.

Do you/Did you belong to any guilds or groups that you care to mention?

 The bagpack art museum never really comes into its existence though. For the guild part: yes, my son’s warrior is currently in DSR. They are a group of enthusiastic and helpful players.  There are also many nice players around apart from the group. Special Thanks to Athena who refers many people to my workshop and I just found out that she has incredible ability regarding backpack art as well. Her Sun Flower is just amazing.

If you have gone “on vacation” from UO… when was it, why, and for how long?

 I have gone on vacation from UO on several occasions. Some for days, some for weeks and some for months. I used to venture out in Fel on Atlantic many years ago. I will gone on vacation from UO simply because I got murdered and looted. I like to travel a lot, usually for several days.  I have literally quit UO for months just because I am too addicted to it. Well, old habits die hard, here I am, alive and kicking in UO again. Guess I can never quit it. :)

Would you like to tell us a little about yourself personally?

 I like drawing and painting albeit I am a total amateur or not even close to an amateur. I am the only who can tolerate my own painting I guess. :)



How did you get into backpack art?

  I cannot take the full credit of backpack arts alone. Some friends of mine contribute a lot to it as well. We exchanged ideas, went through some trial and error. One of them actually specialized in bear making, most of the bears comes from her contributions. I do some revision on occasion (hopefully I didn’t make it worse though).


Have you submitted your art to the various backpack art contests over the years?

 I never did that, I just do it for fun and with the intention to create some adorable creatures for all to see (and maybe adopt them?).

Since this is a collaborative effort, would you like to mention your friends’ names?

 they deserve the name more than I do, but they mostly either quit or dwell/immigrate to other shard. Among them, I would offer my special thanks to the person who contributes her bears to my shop. Albeit I am not allowed to release her name in public due to the fact that she would rather remain unknown.


Do you have pictures of some memorable art that you have done in the past that we can see?

 actually, I will put them all on my workshop if time permitted. I will make displaying hall full of over 100 creatures in the near future or maybe not that near. it takes me a whole night to make a single one. :)


Very labor intensive. We look forward to seeing your “museum” when you are done.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

 I do. I want to give special thanks to Athena who showed me her creative sun flower and PBJ who is the first one to figure out the bear band on my porch, (some called them mice? my bad, I shall make it better and easier to see). Most of all, I have to thank you, Evangeline (someone told me that you are Leia, I am a bit confused) who have gone through all the efforts and bring us all the great news at all time, I really enjoys it. Keeps up the good work.


I want to thank you for your time and for letting us know a little bit about you, and for allowing me to show everyone your wonderful pack and deco art.

Last modified: August 7, 2011

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