City of Valendor (Town)

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Last visited by Verity – May 7 99The City of Valendor is really something to behold. They occupy the entire desert area around the shrine of compassion. The size alone is impressive, and the decor is truly incredible.

One of the most common questions I heard as I wandered through the City is “How did you get sponsored?” They aren’t supported by the gods though.
A great many of the city’s residents are on European time, so I didn’t get a chance to meet with a great many of the residents, but those I met were quite friendly and supportive.
They also have quite a few story lines in the village, and are always looking to draw in more support for the projects they work on. One of these, I saw first hand, as the “Mad Bomber” struck one of the city residents on my tour.
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Map of Valendor

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