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Name of Establishment: Strongholt

Location & (Facet): 136o 34’S 33o 11’E (Trammel)

Strongholt, The Home of the Army of Kaldor lies south of Trinsic Moongate. The buildings are built around a central, large building. The buildings are all mainly dark deep stone, The forest around Strongholt makes the place a good, safe place for the people living there.

If you would like to visit Strongholt you can see where it lies on the map below, If you would like to contact Strongholt use the contacts below,

Cmdr. Cal Soulshadow (Cal of Kaldor) – 124389433
Gen. Paladis – 137209414
Cpt. Duo – 245342214

Last modified: August 6, 2011

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