Township Arc Related Items

Arc Related Items

Nemesis Stone Story Arc
[April 2011 – ??? 2011]

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It would appear that Kendrick Marrow, in his efforts to defeat us all had to construct some sort of device to magnify the power of the Nemesis stone as it surged through the soil. Following that explosion my research also indicates that the very tools we need to defeat Morrow and destroy this contraption lie within the Nemesis Manifestations themselves! Be on the lookout for something…anything that could be used to destroy Morrow once and for all. ~ Lord Balandar

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Recovered from Townships worst Nightmares and given to Lord Balandar of Moonglow by citizens from multiple townships. Lord Balandar used these objects to destroy the Nematic Phylactery created by Kendrick Marrow through the power of the Nemesis Stone.

Last modified: October 12, 2011

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