Tikume’s Tavern

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Tikume’s Tavern on Drachenfels

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last Visited by Stinger – Feb 23 2000

Coordinates:29°S 113°W
Finding ourselves with nothing better to do, Frarc and I decided to investigate the town Deepwater I’d heard of from my old friend Horus. It’s North of mainland Skara Brae he’d said and so we braved the erratic moongates and made our way to the island town. All was quiet as we took the ferry across to the mainland, breeze softly ruffling our hair. After a moments consi deration of the map we struck out North along the shore enjoying our walk and marveling at the stillness of the forest. As we rounded the easterly end of the bay, we began to pass small homes and yet the silence was almost deafening. Where were the residents of Deepwater? Arriving on the North shore of the bay we stumbled upon Tikume’s Tavern next to a tall shop. Entering it early in the day, we were not surprised to find only a lone vendor but walking is hungry work and so we purchased some of the wonderful foods he had for sale. Situated as it is, south of the mainland forest, it would offer a welcome respite to hunters. A rune to Trinsic can be found inside.
Tikume’s Tavern can be found by beginning in Skara Brae. Take the ferry to the mainland. If you have not done this before, simply say to the ferryman, “I wish to cross” and he will take you to the other side. (This also works to return to the island.) Once across head north along the shore and continue to hug the shore as you make your way around a small bay. Once on the other side of the bay the tavern is just a short walk north along the edge of the woods.
Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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