Township Summit Report March 31, 2010

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Township Summit Report
March 31, 2010
By: Tancred Redstar

The Bi-weekly Chesapeake Township Summit was convened by Lady Tavalia Zodok, Ambassador of the Crown, March 31, 2010(Earth time) at 8:31pm in the evening and a roll call was taken.

Roll Call
Rivi Ravenwynd sat for Zedland
Wat the Tyler sat for Al Ellisande
Nyx sat for Cimmerian Pass
Tancred RedStar sat for Gyldenfeld
Lord Angus sat for Guardians Gate
Tatania Karthina sat for PaxOku
Winfield sat for PaxLair City
Ozog for Pitmuck
Darth Oni sat for Silvervale
Miss Watson sat for Kijustsu Anei Village
Manshoon sat for Moria
Poseidon sat Kijustsu Anei Keys

Lord Coolhand Luke arrived late and sat for Colt at 8:35pm.
Nanoc arrived late and sat for Dragons Watch 8:35pm.
Lady Lootu Too arrived late and sat for Templar at 8:36pm as Prowler was afk.

Al Ellisande called absent.
Nidaros called absent.
Kijustsu Anei Keys called absent.

Benito the Fryr gave seating trouble but was eventually convinced to sit in the observation gallery.

Official business was then commenced as such:
Treaty of Moria to the Crown
Lady Tavalia Zodok brings up the matter of the treaty petition of Moria, given it’s recent political turmoil, and asks if the new treaty has been prepared. Miss Watson indicates it has and a copy already delivered to the crown. Lady Zodok says she will have a page check the post.

PaxLair diplomatic tour of Moria
Winfield, Governor of PaxLair, reports of a diplomatic tour. He calls Ben, Ambassador for PaxLair Statehood, to present the report. Lady Zodok acknowledges him as a speaker. Ben recounts the tour, saying a PaxLair delegation toured Moria, hosted by Manshoon of Moria, who showed them a wonderful time, full of lore and history. He ends his report speaking of a hope for better relations between PaxLair and Moria.

Poseidon arrived late and sat for Kijustsu Anei Keys at 8:42.

Wat the Tyler arrived late and sat for Al Ellisande at 8:49.

Lady Zodok briefly revisits the business of the new treaty between the Crown and Moria, saying a decision will be pronounced at the next meeting.

Chesapeake Theater Season Commences
Tatania Karthina of PaxOku extends an invitation to all to partake of the Chesapeake Theater as it’s season has begun. She then proceeds to pass out books containing additional information about the same.

Zedland Grows
Rivi Ravenwynd of Zedland announces Zedland now has 25 buildings. Lady Zodok acknowledges this by stating the register of records shall be updated.

Maritime Dispute
Lord Angus of Guardians Gate lodges a complaint that Kijustsu Anei Keys has too many ships blocking sea access from their bay. Miss Watson of Kijustsu Anei immediately objects. Lady Zodok quickly calls for order after accusations begin to fly and asks for proof of a “blockade”. Nanoc of Dragons Watch mutters merely to “sink them” if the ships interfere.

Poseidon of Kijustsu Anei Keys asks to formally refute the claims, to which Lady Zodok asks him to proceed. Poseidon attempts to clarify the matter, saying while there are ships in the bay, they are not meant as a blockade, they were placed there merely in haste as the Kijustsu Anei Keys docks are currently under renovation. This explanation is met with renewed grumbling from around the table.

Lady Zodok states that the Royal Navy is presently tied up in Jhelom dealing with the mysterious whirlpool situation and so little aid is currently available. Thus, in that regard, each city should seek to secure their home waters as necessary.

Tancred RedStar of Gyldenfeld interjected he similarly saw the Imperium fleet off the coast from Gyldenfeld, questioning why a fleet would sail so far from home for maneuvers and especially right outside the harbor of another town. Winfield of PaxLair City adds that he too witnessed the same group of ships in that vicinity.

Lady Zodok pronounces that any action Guardians Gate may take, including aggressive actions, will not be construed specifically as aggressive towards the crown, but on the same note, the seas are a wild place and all are still yet bound to directives issued by the Royal Navy.

Manshoon of Moria retorts that in this light, by not enforcing law by force, the Crown has little sway over such matters. He then quietly continues that, nonetheless, the ships shall be moved, darkly adding that had it been a “real blockade”, it would have been readily apparent.

Lady Zodok concludes the discussion saying:

“It is the policy of the Crown to not involve itself in the dealings of individual Townships. Lest the interest of the Crown fall into question, or a township petitions the crown for such support, as bound by treaty, that request of course may be honored or denied at the bequest of her Majesty.”

After more protracted accusal, posturing and rebuttals, Lady Zodok seeks to move business forward onto other matters.

Prowler of Templar interjects, saying Templar warships have received dispatch orders for war. Manshoon says the blockade was an act of war to begin, and their sinking shall be an act of enjoyment.

Lady Zodok reminds everyone that the High Seas are open to the wilds of conflict unless it directly imperils the interests of the Crown. However, conflicts on land, Lady Zodok continues, are an entirely separate matter and may warrant decisive action from the Crown.

Brief recess called at 9:35pm.
A Royal Engineering Corp representative adjusts the address system.
Recess adjourned at 9:43pm.

Prowler of Templar announces all ships from Kijustsu Anei Village will be stopped, inspected and sent back.

Deputy Commander of the Royal Guard Voting
Winfield of PaxLair City asks how the results of the vote for Deputy Commander of the Royal Guard shall be announced. Lady Zodok says the Chief Detective shall make that announcement.

Current Status of Township Relations with the Crown
Winfield inquires as to the loyalty of certain communities. Lady Zodok clarifies the matter a reading through of the current register of communities and their self-proclaimed loyalties.

Sovereign Rights of Crown Treaty Partners in Tokuno Islands
Winfield asks about the sovereign status of PaxOku as it lays in the Tokuno Islands, a region of the world nominally overseen by the Empress of Tokuno. Lady Zodok indicates that PaxOku is recognized as a political entity under jurisdiction of the Crown. Furthermore, the Empress is aware of this and takes no issue with the fact.

As a follow-up question, Winfield asks if the Crown would at some point be willing to hear upon the matter of the designation and acceptable use of a shared area of land, formerly of PaxOku but now of Kijustsu Anei, should treaty discussions fail to settle the matters. Lady Zodok indicates she does not see this as an issue, but would consider it if necessary.

Lady Zodok formally adjourns the meeting at 10:09pm.

Next Township Summit/Assembly Meeting currently scheduled for 8:30pm on Wednesday, April 7

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