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West Yew University on Atlantic

Last visited by Zerver – Mar 3 99The West Yew University is a very long way from moon gates, or city centers, but it is only 5 paces from guard country. It resides in the far far west corner of Yew. It is even seperated from the rest of guarded Yew by a large bay.

I spoke to Silver Dryad, one of 4 teachers at the university. She said they will teach anyone that shows up. They seem to teach mostly combat tactics, but also some survival, cooking, and other essential skills needed. They can take anyone from newbie on up and help them to play better.
As I said, there are 3 full time teachers, and 1 student teacher. They use a guild stone and do their sparring in the guarded area so they need not worry about PKs hiding and taking somone down when they are injured.
The area has some good medium danger spawns, so students can hunt without too much fear, and if something should go wrong? There is a healer’s shack also in the area.
And for those more adventurous students, a field trip to the near by dungeon of Shame will put the fear back into perspective. (Haw Haw, bring a letter of permission from your parents! and your Last Will and Testament!)
In my opinion, you probably could not pick a better spot to put up a University.
The University has been recognized and sponsored for the efforts of the many students and teachers of the months. There is now a teleporter from the main portion of Yew out to the University. There is a boat not far from the main part of Yew, you step onto the boat say a few words, and poof you are across.
In addition, they have fixed up the farm house with a stable master and other nice furnishings.

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