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Last visited by Pfredd Mudd on Jan 19 00

I was led to this tavern by Damios Margis of the Mage Tower. It resides in Yew South East of the Moongate (about 3 minutes).

The place was full of people, and a bartender was present. Everyone was busy discussing FoA and other such interesting material. It was not hard to pick up on the latest happenings of the shard in just a few minutes.

Visited several times, and several events. It always seems to be well atteneded.

Recently (Oct 24 98) the tavern was sponsored by the unnamed ones. It now has a layout very suitable for both a tavern, and a restraunt. The outdoor garden, fountain, and tables make it a very nice place to gather with some friends for fine dining (and some drink).

The Tavern is staffed Thursday through Monday nights, from 7-9PM PST (till 10 on Friday and Saturday nights).

Their Web Site: http://gatheredspirits.xrgaming.net/

Last modified: August 12, 2011

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