Gypsy Village (Town)

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Silver Spirit of Life, where the Gypsy knowledge is archived. Last Visited by Bel d’Ajoor – February 2001

Coordinates : around 78°S, 16°E – TrammelSome time ago, I had discovered a rune in Telia’s Lindost Library on which were inscribed the words “Gypsy Village”. I decided to visit it back then, but for multiple reasons had not time to do so until now. When I read more information about the Village in the rune book, I relised it led directly next to the Shrine of Spirituality.
Not being gifted in the ways of magery, I took a moongate to Trinsic and then continued on foot, north towards Britain, until I reached the shrine. No spawn was to be found on this road, though I was told the young traveller may find a few lesser monsters on his way from Britain. As soon as I had chanted the Mantra of Spirituality three times, I was teleported to the Shrine itself and got a beautiful sight over the Village. From there, I could see two gypsies approaching, and went back on the ground to greet them.
The wandering people always seem to know more than they are willing to reveal. They give a warm welcome to outsiders, as long as they do not ask too many questions. Nathagaraba and his friend Zoltan Gypsyking were kind enough to give me a tour of the area. The town includes a few private homes, as well as a tavern and the “Silver Spirit of Life”, a somewhat sacred place where their knowledge is archived. Some places were decorated better than others, but indigo was the dominant colour.
The gypsies can be found in this village during late european nights or american evenings. Although they do have a king and a princess, there is no real ruler to the clan. Should you have any question, you should contact them through Email.
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