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Last visited by Mystra, June 2003The Museum of Memories is located West of Umbra in Malas, just North of the road at 31o 59′ N, 31o 59′ E.

The Museum of Memories …

The name itself denotes a place where you may peruse those things which can help you recall memories of your past and that of your fellow brethren. I remember the original MOM Felucca where my newbie character stared mouth open at all the runebooks and items out of my reach. The Museum that brings you such pleasures was opened by Lorak about 5 years ago and as time passed Lorak moved on to other things and Kaelyn took over as curator. A young Jim Spellhurler was a mere assistant in those days, and spent most of his time studying the treasures in their care and dreaming of the day he would run such a fine establishment.

The days turned into weeks, into months, and years – till one day our boy Jim thought to pick up and explore the new lands that were being discovered. By this time lots of the museum’s patrons had moved out of Felucca for the promise of riches and adventures promised by Trammel and Malas. Packing up those trinkets which were his own, Jim went out to see what the world had to offer one with such knowledge of old trinkets and stories. Being a member still of Kaelyn’s MOM guild he was ever vigilant to keep the guild’s virtues intact and spread the word of their establishment to all who would listen. As time went by and new items came forward to be placed for citizen preview, Jim approached Kaelyn about opening a chapter house on the Malas facet. Permission was wholeheartedly granted and the New Museum of Memories (Malas) was born and is now proudly displaying items and rares that bring you to the days of yore and back again.

Upon visiting the newest addition to the MOM conglomerate, I was greeted by Jason in Mr. Spellhurler’s absence, and asked to sign the tome noting all visitors and the lands they hailed from. As I searched for a page to mark with my sign, awe overtook me as to the amount of patrons this new version of MOM had already adopted as house friends. The Lobby was full with runebooks to all Trammel Cities , Hunting , Dungeons and famous places, and at the fountain in the center of the hall surrounded by statues no longer attainable in this world. On a table against the far wall, magic emanated form two very powerful and archaic weapons; the Sword of Envy and the Sword of Complete Annihilation – donated to the Museum from one of the old seers in a generous mood. A comfortable room where I should dare to say many an adventurer will reminisce and share stories.

The second floor came alive at my approach as sounds of a dozen creatures rang out and echoed through the night. Each and every rewards statue was represented in its original form. The tiny circus of statues is surrounded by every reward offered in the game to date. Every robe and cloak, dye tub, ankh, bear rugs, tapestries, hides and all the colored anvils. All the smith rewards are there too, though I did not see the valorite hammer ( rumor has it Jim keeps that under his pillow ) plus every type of Dragon Scale armor.

I would not be doing the next floor justice in this small writing, as I teleported I was amidst a Wash basin, Connected Bottles, Cards, Ceramic Mugs and other true rares. Walking across the room to the bar on the deck you will be amazed by the oddities to tickle your fancy.

On the roof I was again accosted by sound as a Living Chessboard came to life – its creatures menacing their brethren on the other side of the game board. Surrounding the board is a small town of mini houses. I did not count them, but experience tells me they are all represented. Snowglobes lit the evening on podiums lighting the playfield and representing all the cities, dungeons and shrines available to players .

Ok, so I am dizzy from this experience, and I invite those who know fine items and rare acquisitions to come spend time with the new Museum of Memories. The Museum owner says most items have come from being a long time packrat, while others are seer or gm donated for the benefit of all. The museum is now and always shall be a place for the people of UO, and is a non-profit organization that gives credit where it can. Our host was kind of enough to state the following .. “I hope to bring back the days of yesterday to the people of today and tomorrow, with history and events for all. As with any museum, some displays are a continuous work in progress, and a curator’s role is never played to it’s finish.”

So in your travels my friends, you should take a stroll over to the Museum of Memories Malas, where the adventure gets recorded!


Last modified: August 12, 2011

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