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Black Rose Brewery on Chesapeake

Last visited by Azazel – July 04 99The Black Rose Brewery is an establishment of Corwyn, a player run city. The Brewery was originally located near the ocean, however, when Corwyn obtained a bigger building, they proceeded to move the Brewery to that building instead. 

Upon my random visit to the Brewery, I met a man named Tannis GreenOak. While he was generally new to the area, he was able to tell me the busy hours of the Brewery (when the most people are around) are 7:00pm or 8:00pm EST everyday.

I did attend the grand opening of this Black Rose Brewery, and it was amazing. The building was so jam-packed with people, you couldn’t get inside. The streets outside the Brewery were even overflowing with people. At that event, it was announced the Brewery would be sponsored by the unnamed ones. It’s been a while since then, and the Brewery has not been sponsored. Perhaps the Gods have lost faith in the establishment because not very many people have shown interest in it since the grand opening.

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