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THB Lockpicking – Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by JaydeSilverhart on Saturday, January 7, 2006
Name: THB Lockpicking – Trammel – Sonoma
Proprietor: Destiny LaCrown
Guild: THB, Guildmaster – Nami
Location: 98o 5’N 111o 43’E
Location Description: North of Vesper, Trammel

Our third establishment in tonight’s whirlwind tour of early 2006 Sonoma Establishments is the Treasure Hunters of Britannia lockpicking house. Lockpicking house, you say? Don’t scoff! Lockpicking is a crucial skill for treasure hunters everywhere.

Just a short run north of the Trammel incarnation of Vesper (sextant coordinates 98.5N, 111.43E), the THB house is nestled in a relatively quiet wood. Watch for the THB sign on the roof to find this storied establishment.

Perhaps the most famous feature of this house is the line of chests along the second floor’s northern wall. These chests are marked with increasing skill levels ranging from 35.0 up to 95.0. By following the directions in the purple books scattered about, an aspiring locksmith can rapidly and safely train the skills needed to pop open just about any chest full of loot.

Also on the second floor, a line of tables along the southern wall bears a set of runebooks directly to every spot in Trammel suitable for burying a treasure chest. A treasure hunter need only use her wit to decipher the point on a treasure map and match it against the coordinates in the runebook to be instantly whisked away to the exact location of the buried treasure.

On the first floor, several vendors stand by with useful treasure hunting gear, like maps (decoded and not), lockpicks, and shovels. This building also hosts Crazy Joe’s vendors. Joe was the driving force behind, a service which allowed citizens of Britannia to turn their Sosarian gold into real money, in the real world, to help real people in trouble. GamersCharity donated more than $10,000 to aid victims of the Asian tsunami of 2004 and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. The project has since closed down, but one of Joe’s vendors remains.

The THB facility is run by the Sonoma chapter of Treasure Hunters of Britannia. The Sonoma guildmaster is the famed Nami (ICQ 321 240 358). The building was created in early 2003 by the Lady Alexandrite for the purpose of having a free public training place for all of Sonoma. The house has since been transferred to three other THB members, all with the same vision as the Lady Alexandrite. The current owner, Destiny LaCrown (ICQ 100-148-883), swears that the Lockpicking House will stand until the day the lights go out on Sonoma. May that day be far off indeed!

The Treasure Hunters of Britannia wish to emphasize that unattended macroing is strictly forbidden at their establishment, but that those trying to build skill legitimately will always have a helping hand. You can learn more about the THB by visiting their Stratics guild board.

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