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Jingle, Jangle, Jumble, Jump! Erickson Yates here, folks!

I know what you are thinking, “Erickson, where did you go?” or most likely “Erickson, why the hell did you come back?” Well, folks, I was gone to the land of Holiday Happiness and De activated UO AccountLand! Why did I come back? Because I can, and I got paid, that is why! I thought it was time to bring back the Faces of Felucca! This go around is with a pretty solid guy known as Limlight! Read on, enjoy the pictures, and keep on keeping on! Rawr!

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Erickson Yates: I always like to start it off simple. What guild tag are you sporting these days?

Limlight: Leather Neck Raiders! LNR!

Erickson Yates: Why is it you have chosen LNR? What are the little extras that make LNR your choice over say HOT or DEI?

Limlight: I chose LNR because of the comfortable atmosphere, and the kindness of people like Obsidian Knight and Kacey from the guild. I was recruited by Ransford inFelucca outside Shame aboutthree years ago. He and Ihad little one on one tusslefor aboutten minutes.Heended upclaiming victory. After which he kindly rezzed me,and then proceededtoask me to join the Leather Neck Raiders. No rez kill, no “You suck Noob”.I washonestly sosurprised that I joined up on the stop. I have been a part of theLeather Neck Raiders eversince. Well, wait, I take that back. There was athree monthperiodduring the last summer whereI was a member of 1vs1. That was due to the fact that theLeather Neck Raidersactually went to Legends and I did not choose to join them. 1vs1 was very kind to me during my stay. Talon (The leader of 1v1)is a good guy. When the Leather Neck Raiderscame back, Kacey contacted me and asked me to rejoin, so I informed 1vs1 I was going back. 1v1 really is a solid group of people. I hold liking to most of them still.

Erickson Yates: What keeps you logging on UO from day to day?

Limlight: I would say it is the diversity the game allows.I canPvP, or Ican work my PvM characters. There is also the bonus of the crafting system. I have been working my crafter a bit lately. Pretty lame, I know.

Erickson Yates: Are you red or blue?

Limlight: I have six blue characters and just one red character.

Erickson Yates: Any reason as to why you are blue?

Limlight: I am mainly blue for several reasons. 1. I am one of the designated protectors of my guild at champ spawns. Being red would make Limlight unable to do that.

2. I don’t use UO Assist. (I also do not use any programs that would break the ToS!) Because of that I am not as “skilled” as some of the otherPvP’ers out there. I mainly PvP on Limlight and Maxim. Some call me gimp because I am a Protection Pixie Necro Mage, *Laughs* but in field fights I can be deadly.My biggest weakness is one on one with a warrior.My character is built for max damage fastwith few defensive options.

3. I like being able to go to the bank, Ilshenar, and Luna.

4.One red characteris enough for whatIneed to do. Someplayers prefer it inreverse.six reds,one blue.

Erickson Yates: Have the changes to the champs (Increased hit points) effected how you and LNR handle champ spawns?

Limlight: The only real thing that has changed the way we handle spawns was the added bridge in despise. I hate that extra bridge. The increased hit points don’t mean much really.The initialhit pointincrease waspretty sillythough. We had about 14 of us hitting it one day, andthe champ’shealth wasn’t moving at all.The powers that be had loaded to much hit point regenerationonthe champat first. Thankfully they have evened it out.

Erickson Yates: How do you think LNR feels about their spawns being raided?

Limlight: LNR likes it when people raid. Its more of a challenge and it creates a fun atmosphere. Doing Champ Spawns all day would get boring if no one ever crashed the party.

Erickson Yates: You hang out in Doom at all? With the changes to the artifact drop system, lots of people are spending time there.

Limlight: I have gone to Doom maybethree times sinceAge of Shadows came out.The first time I was there, which was right after the Gauntlet debuted, I stayed in for around a week. I ended up getting Voice of the Fallen King. After all the time I had spend in the Gauntlet, I decided I would rather just sellpowerscrolls instead.Icould buy whateverArtifacts I wanted with the gold I would make!I guess to sum it up, the phrase “I hate Doom.” would probably work out best to describe my opinion.

Erickson Yates: Erickson Yates: What is your favorite way to get your PvP fix? Yew Gate? Despise Spawn Battle? Battle at another spawn location?

Limlight:It all boils down to my mood that day.Most of the timeI enjoya spawn battle. I am a fan ofDespise.Keeping theBaracoon spawn requiresmore strategybecause of the fact that there are two bridges to keep now. Ienjoy aCity of the Deadand Tortoise spawn fightfrom time to time as well. Someone out there really needs to summon a harrower! *Laughs* The chaos and excitement from three to five guilds converging in one spot is just an enjoyable experience.

Erickson Yates: Any advice for someone who isn’t a professional pvp’er? Any little tips and tidbits they should know?

Limlight:If you aren’t an experiencePvP’er, then my advice is pretty simple.Be a good teammate. Make sure you cross heal. Try to get Ventrillo and UO Auto-Map as well. It will help you be able to keep in contact with your guildies. Also, make sure you listen to the caller. Most guilds have one, and he/she knows what he/she is doing, so always listen to him or her. You don’t want to run around like a chicken with its head cut off! That makes for chaos, plus you will die faster. Avoid bickering and arguing. It just makes everything worse. Another key aspect is rezzing your guildies. Make sure you can do it quickly. You also have to invis them after so as to avoid a blatant rez kill. Key rezzes can be the difference to success and failure.

Erickson Yates: Who is the BEST PvP’er you have seen in the field or in a duel? Whichever you want to answer, or both!

Limlight: The REAL Dueling Legend was amazing back in his day. Current guys with skill: Vorpal Bunny, Captain Ahab, Eckzinator(from !20X), Slim Shady, Obsidian Knight, Ngraskel, Juan Valdez, Kraxal, DothraPvPProdigy, and GI Joe. (Go JOE!) Those guys are all pretty darn good. A namefrom the past is Acid Bath. Acid Bath was probably the best Ihave everseen. He was ridiculous. Ohh! I almost forgot! Rabid Chicken was a hilarious thief. Just to add that in.

Erickson Yates: Who out there claims to be great, butare actually mediocre or below at best?

Limlight: LOTS of people. *Laughs* Roidzinator claims to be awesome, but he is only a good shot caller. I am sure he willfind a way to insult me on the boards now.*Laughs* He is definitely Legendary in skill of Trash Talking. Everyone from SlaP is on the list as well. They are a guild made of 90% stealth archers, and they will hide until its 10vs1 so that they can gank you. Then after you die, they will trash talk you.

Erickson Yates: Anything people should know about you? Lies you want debunked?

Limlight: I am fun to hang with in game, easy going in vent, and I almost never lose my cool. I don’t really know any lies about me in game. Many call me a Protection gimp, which is true, I do roll in protection, so it’s not really a lie. My view on Protection and Pixies is this.OSI put them in, so I use them because they benefit my playstyle.

Erickson Yates: Anything else you might want to add?

Limlight: I would recommend anyone looking to learn the ropes,orare just looking for a fun guild and great people to check out LNR is full of great leaders, people like Kacey, Trube and Obsidian Knightmake this game great. Want to join up? Contact Trube on our web site and fill out an application. You will be welcome in our guild as long as you are level headed and have a sense of humor. LNR isn’t the only guild out there. If you don’t want to sign up to be a Leather Neck Raider, there are other solid guilds. 1vs1 has good people. HOT has some good people and they mix in Trammel stuff as well. DEI has a great leader in Sakkarah. COW isapretty solid guild if you are looking for smaller PvP guild. Everyone always trashed VIP!, but before they left the shard, my experiences with them weren’t all bad. I think most people just don’t like losing. Plus, THE PAGERS ARE REAL! Don’t let those VIP! guys lie to you. I will say this though. AVOID UOMH. I can’t go into details as to why, but just try to avoid them if possible. Except for Vorpal Bunny, he is awesome!

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Leather Neck Raiders

Leather Neck Raiders 1

Next, he gave me a tour of his home!

Leather Neck Raiders 2


Leather Neck Raiders 3

Afterwards, I decide it was my turn to turn on someone! Har har!

Leather Neck Raiders 4


Here he is acknowledging my victory and greatness. *Nods once*

Leather Neck Raiders 5

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All in all, it was a good time. Great guy, lots of fun, good times were had by all! That is it for this installment of Faces of Felucca! Stay tuned for the next one! It could be an actual female that plays UO! *Gasps*


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