Telia’s Rune Library – Trammel Branch

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Telia’s Rune Library – Trammel Branch

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last Visited by Stinger – Aug 16 2000
Coordinates:56°S 1°E – Facet: TrammelWhen I last spoke to Kathleen at Telia’s Rune Library in Felucca she spoke of preparing for a new branch coming to Trammel as soon as building was allowed. I was quite glad to hear, some weeks later, that she had managed to aquire a space during the land rush that was very near the mirror location of the original library. Having arranged to meet my small traveling companion, Bilbo, at the Britain moongate I set out late in the day for a first look at the new addition.

Stepping out of the gate I saw no one and feared I was on my own until Bilbo appeared from nowhere giving me quite a start. The woods were eerily quiet as we began our short trek east around the head of the river and then south to the clearing where we’d been told to expect the new building. We came across neither travelers nor monsters and soon found the building we were looking for.
Although the building still smelled of paint and decorations were a bit bare the library was already full of stacks of runebooks going to nearly any imaginable location. (The assortment can be a bit overwhelming, please refer to the excellent webpage to find a particular desired location.) As with their first location there are no regular staff hours but should you catch Kathleen and her cohorts you’re in for some good conversation! (and maybe some good food as my exciteable friend Bilbo found out)
Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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