The Tavern of Moongaard

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Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last Visited by Stinger – Apr 16 2000

Coordinates:71°N 53°ESoftly the little bird fluttered down and landed on my wrist. There was some sort of scroll wrapped about his tiny leg and removing it I saw it contained writing. “In the desert you will find the Moongard Tavern”, it said. This curious note piqued my curiosity and I resolved to go and seek out this place. A few short days later, finding myself with time on my hands, I set out for the desert. Arriving in the barren and sweltering desert west of the Minoc moongate I found myself beset by scorpions and earth elementals. I was poisoned and promptly rescued by a friend, the mage Stella New.

The Moongard Tavern is situated in the desert on the eastern edge of Valendor though not associated with it. One can read the town by travelling to the Vesper moongate and then striking out west. On the way various foul beast may be encountered such as ratmen, lizardmen, spiders and the like.

While the Tavern has no set hours, someone can usually be found there during most of the day.

Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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