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Dragon Tear Cafe on Chesapeake

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location. Last visited by Joe Woodwright – December 30th, 1999 

Coordinates:63°S 32°WI had heard of the Dragon Tear Cafe several times when it was open previously. When it was closed I was quite sad as I had never had a chance to see it for myself. So when I heard of it’s opening again I knew I had 

The Cafe’ as it’s called is located in Corwyn just down the road to the East from the famous Black Rose Brewery.

You will find it staffed, and most often busy, on Thursdays and Saturdays from 7:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST. I would recommend going toward the later times as that seems when most people are there. When I arrived there was a vendor outside selling various goods but I was told by the Cafe’ owner, Pyrates, that there will soon be a vendor inside behind the bar to take care of customers during the unmanned hours.

Since the Cafe is a part of Corwyn you will most often find it’s citizens friends here. But you are also bound to see other “well known” figures about as well. All in all I found this establishment to be a friendly place with a relaxing atmosphere (I was offered a drink as soon as I came in the door). Although people often say a Tavern or similar establishment has to be in a large building to be successful I find this small little place to do just fine.

You can find Corwyn’s Homepage at: http://angelsrealm.net/corwyn/

Screen Shot of the Establishment

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