The Galehaven Tavern

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Last visited by Assia Penryn in October 2006

Facet: Malas
Location: West of Umbra
Coordinates: 2o6’N 13o25’W
Owner: Kodoz – Purple Guardians of Honor

This lovely tavern is staffed every Saturday evening starting at approx. 9pm EST and is located a short walk from the dark City of Umbra.


Stepping up to the building, there is hardly any creatures lurking nearby except for some pesky brigands. I believe they are just jealous of all the good food and ale this tavern has. *grins*

Inside you’ll find plenty of space for a large group of people and on Saturday evenings a friendly, upbeat lass to help you decide what suits your taste bud’s fancy. Whether you prefer a stool or a comfortable chair, you are sure to find exactly what you need to relax and let the day’s worries fade away.

On the second floor, I found a wonderful collection of trophies from the recent Ophidian invasion. Looking at the heaps of deeds, rations and skins it is obvious to see that the Purple Guardians of Honor were a fundamental source in helping to banish our lands of these evil creatures.

On the top floor I found an expertly designed stage area. There is dozens of seats for whatever events they host there, ensuring ample seating for all who have the good luck to attend. I love the design on the stage floor, professional and yet esthetic to the eye.

Last modified: August 7, 2011

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  1. Charlie Tiberius says:

    The Galehaven tavern in Malas was destroyed long ago, it has been near Trinsic since around 2007.


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