The Council’s Winery and Inn

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The Council’s Winery and Inn on Drachenfels

Conan the faithful Barkeep Last Visited by Famine – Sept 3, 2002

Coordinates:111°N 26°WI was in hunting for some leather near Yew, and remembered that The Winery was not far away from this area. As it had last been visited by a reporter over 30 months ago, I decided to take a look for myself.
The local area is still populated with a number of nasty beasts, and I had to dispose of a Harpy that seemed more eager for a drink than I was
I entered the inn, which is quite cosy, and was greeted by Conan the Barkeep, from whom I purchased a bottle of wine. The place was devoid of people, but due to the Inn’s remote location, I would assume that most of it’s customers live locally. If you happen to be in the area however, it is worth paying a visit if only to view the rooftop gardens.
Previously Visited by Stinger – Jan 26, 2000
Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Establishment's Location.Frarc and I set out from Empath Abbey to investigate a veritable oasis in orc country we’d heard of. We traveled swiftly through the populated portion Yew, heading north to the penin sulas. We chose the easterly fingerlike peninsula as we had been directed turning north again along the western edge.
Soon we met with many foul beasts in lieu of a welcome party. My trusted and skilled companion at my side, we soon waded through them all , gargoyles and ratmen alike. This journey is not for the faint of heart.
We arrived around mid-day on a Tuesday and found the Inn silent and empty but we explored to our heart’ s content. The vendor offered wonderful food and beverages but sadly no horse provisions, no runes marked for the winery location, or recall scrolls. It is beautifully if heavily decorated and the rooftop garden is not to be missed. Be prepared to take your time, as such elaborate decoration cannot be rushed through.
From Yew one should travel east to the base of the easterly peninsula and then north to the second “bump” along the western edge of the peninsula. Expect to come across various monsters in your trek from Yew including such things as ratmen, mongbat s, harpies, dire wolves, orcs, gargoyles, ogres and ettins. Often these monsters are seen in large groups. The first half of your journey will be through fairly populated and safer territory and the second half through more forested and dangerous ground. The sudden appearance of your destination is a welcome site.
I spoke with staff and at the moment the guild is undergoing both a lot of events as well as some basic changes a nd staffing of the winery is not regular. Between the hours of 6 PM and midnight, CET is when you are most likely to find someone about. Any nearby member of T_C can call the head barkeep when asked.
Upon our arrival, my companion and I found the place deserted and yet even so it was welcoming and comfortable. We spent some time exploring the tower. On the lowest floor is a common room much like a tavern and a delightful cozy music room. Climbing the stairs, we found and odd assortment of treasure maps each topped with a rune, a comfortable bedroom and a private stateroom, which can be reserved upon request. We navigated a second set of stairs to find ourselves on the rooftop in a lovely garden. Narrow winding paths lit by candlelight make for a secluded setting at night. The sharp of eye will also have an ocean view. After a time Red Cora appeared and spoke with us a bit. All sorts of people are m ade welcome and we conversed in the rooftop garden with a murderer whilst Cora sought some requested reagents. It seemed odd to stand and speak of serenity with such a man yet he was well spoken and most courteous. He praised highly a musician who plays upon the lute and sings calling her voice angelic.

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